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What Are the Best Step Ladders for Electricians?


There are very few trades out there that don’t put people at some kind of risk. Builders, plumbers and window cleaners all have challenges that they have to overcome if they want to work safely, but few people face the risk of electrocution as frequently as electricians do. 

When you’re working around exposed wires, light fixtures and electrical sockets, it’s important you have safety precautions in place that will protect you in case an accidental shock occurs. Electricians often have to buy specialist equipment to protect them from electric shocks.

What’s the problem with using metal step ladders?

The reason why electricians can’t use metal ladders is because they’re highly conductive. Electricity always wants to follow the fastest and easiest route into the ground. 

So, if someone on an aluminium ladder comes into contact with electricity, the current will pass through the person, down the length of the ladder and into the ground. Electric shocks can be fatal, so it’s important that electricians do whatever they can to protect against this.

What step ladders can electricians use?

To protect against the risk of electrocution, electricians should invest in fibre glass step ladders. Fibre glass is a non-conductive material that will stop an electric current in its tracks. By putting something like a fibre glass step ladder between you and the ground, you significantly reduce the chances of an electric shock.

Some wooden step ladders are also suitable for electricians, but it’s important that you check whether or not the timber poles and rungs have re-enforced with metal rods before you buy. If they have, the ladder is more than likely conductive, so shop with caution.

What are the best step ladders for electricians on the market?

If you’re looking for a high-quality fibre glass step ladder, there are plenty to choose from. Retailers like Ladders UK Direct offer an extensive range of fibre glass step ladders that can be used by electricians, builders and homeowners alike. 

Some of the best step ladders for electricians are from prominent brands like Werner and Youngman. Their fibre glass step ladders come in a huge selection of heights and sizes, making them perfect for almost every kinds of electrical job imaginable. 

So, now that you know which step ladders are the best for electricians, you can face electrical tasks confidently and safely.

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