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How to protect a child if he is left alone at home?

Is it possible or not to leave a small child alone? The question is complex. Children they are different. The character of the famous film was able to defeat the bandits alone, go to the store and travel around New York alone, gaining valuable life experience and new friends.

But very often children, when they are alone, unfortunately, get injured, get seriously injured or just spoil the appliances and furniture in the house. Therefore, of course, leaving children alone at home is undesirable. But still, you should have left the child at home.

We will analyze all methods of monitoring a child. A special GPS tracker helps to locate the child; it is also called a locator or beacon. This is a compact device in the form of a toy, bracelet, smart watch or sensor, which can be put in a backpack or attached to boots.

The simplest devices for children. If the child has disappeared from the field of view, the parent presses a button on the parent device, after which the child’s sensor makes a loud sound, allowing you to find the child. The range of the tracker is 50 meters. But if your child is older and able to independently move around the house and the area next to him. More “smart” tracking methods include automatic alarms on the child and parent devices if the child is removed at a critical distance (10, 20 or 50 meters, depending on the settings). The new generation beacons operate at a distance of 100 meters and indicate the direction to the “bug” if it has gone beyond a certain perimeter.

The most convenient option kids smart watch

best smartwatch for kids


  • Find the child at the moment and send the exact coordinates to the parents;
  • Convey the route of movement of the child;
  • Store the coordinates of certain places (for example, “school,” “circle,” “grandmother’s house”) and send notifications to parents when a child comes and goes there;
  • Receive calls from your smartphone like a real phone;
  • Receive “secret calls” from your smartphone, allowing you to calmly listen to what is happening around the child;
  • Send notifications when the “panic button” is pressed if the child has problems.

Track the baby’s heart rate and turn on the alarm in case of critical indicators. The set of functions may vary from model to model. For example, advanced kids smart watch send you notifications if a child takes them off their hands this especially applies to freedom-loving teens. Or they signal with a built-in sensor that the child got into someone else's car and is going to leave somewhere

As already mentioned, of the watches in the GPS accessory for a child, there is only a shape and a dial. In fact, the watch case is packed with various electronics, the amount of which depends on how advanced your model is.

Inside the watch case there is usually a battery, a GPS module responsible for determining the location, and a SIM card with which data is transmitted to parents. The costs of paying her bill should be included in the home budget.

Also, depending on the model, the watch may have a microphone and speaker for making and receiving calls, a Wi-Fi module and various sensors, for example, an gyroscope and a pedometer.

The watch also has a small built-in memory that allows you to store phone numbers and, in some models, the history of movements over the past few days. The dial of the watch is different: touch, made of shockproof glass or none at all.

Most models of children's GPS watches are equipped with a SOS button that a child can press when he feels dangerous. In this case, the parents will immediately receive an alarm, the coordinates of the baby and will be able to take action.

You can view data using a smart watch through the application installed on your mom or dad’s smartphone. In the simplest version, it contains a map for viewing the child’s movements, a movement log and notifications.

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