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Home Decor Trends for 2020


As we enter into 2020, we are entering into a new decade of design. While many home decor trends tend to last longer than just one year, this year is significant; It marks the start of a new era. Trends are only temporary, but this year sets the tone for what you will eventually look back on as the “2020s.” So what are the upcoming trends that interior designers are raving about?

Black is Back

The all-white trend has been one of the biggest recent trends in home design; it brought a clean, minimalistic, and brightening feel to a room, and has been especially popular in kitchen design. However, it is predicted that this trend will quickly diminish in 2020 as it lacks personality.

Instead, the contrasting black and white color scheme is beginning to make its comeback. This bold color combo allows the bright white element to remain while adding pops of pattern and sleek style.

The color black has been avoided previously since it has the potential to make a room feel smaller. To avoid this issue, refrain from painting entire walls black. Open up the room in other ways with features such as open shelving found at ezfloatingshelf.com.

Customize with Couches

Retro or classy, the rounded couches are in again. The best thing about this trend is that you can customize the look to fit the setting and personality of your home. The material and color of your couch can add a unique element to your living space. Velvet is a popular choice amongst these trendy (and comfortable) pieces of furniture.

So hit up the thrift stores and give that retro rounded couch a go, or opt for a cozy velvet sofa to spice up your living room.

New Entry Era

Colorfully-painted front doors have created a fun pop of color to homes seeking more personality, but have you considered painting a door within your home? Dark painted doors are making an appearance this year as we step away from the ordinary white we see in every entryway.

Painting doors with a rich neutral color can add character without the hassle of painting an entire wall. You don’t want your colored door to be too distracting, but it can add a touch of creative elegance when done right. 

Touch of Warmth

The “bright whites” trend has been all the rage lately, but these blank color palettes are fading out as designers start to lean towards the warm side of the color spectrum. So if the black and white trend doesn’t fit the feel of your home, then try a slight change in tone from cool whites to warm. Play around with subtle undertones of yellow, orange, and pink. Rather than all white, try adding in some beige and warm greys. 

These are just a few of the upcoming design changes to expect in 2020. There’s much to look forward to with contrasting tones, unique couches, painted doors, warm palettes, and more. Here’s to the new decade of design!

partnered post • photo by armin djuhic on Unsplash