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2020: Natural Elements Blending in Home Designs


Home Designers: Natural Materials and Sustainable Living

The new year of 2020 offers so much in terms of home designs and natural styles. Natural beauty within the home is trending and many people have opted to use natural items throughout their homes. We are bringing more of the natural elements inside.

You may be curious about the trending of natural materials that will be used by designers. In a sense, nature is being brought into homes for beauty and enjoyment. Can you imagine incorporating beautiful barn doors with barn door track and hardware inside of your home? The possibilities are endless in terms of natural materials that can be used for stunning home designs. Natural materials are in abundance for grand designs. They include the following materials:

1. Travertine 

This is a great choice for countertops, floors, showers, bathrooms, and more. It is a natural stone tile and it can come in highly unique patterns and breathtaking colors. It is reasonably priced and offers a large variety of uses in a home. It is viewed as a type of limestone and tends to provide a sense of sophistication and it is a natural material.

2. Bamboo

This is a highly sustainable, natural material that offers durability too. A bamboo floor or window treatment can be blended beautifully into a home design. This natural composite material offers many different uses in a structure.

3. Leather

Leather has many uses and it is not just for furniture. It is smooth and adds comfort to any home or piece of furniture. Natural leather is often used for upholstery purposes in home design. It adds much comfort and softness.

4. Seagrass

This can really look amazing in a variety of different household schemes. It is a durable and natural material that looks marvelous in a rug. When seagrass is used in a natural way, beautiful styles and furniture can be created with this natural material.

5. Iron

This natural material has many uses and it tends to offer a very distinguished ambiance in a room. It is a common metal that will go well with many styles. Iron offers many options and will look appealing in most rooms.

6. Rattan

Rattan is a superb option that looks stunning in a woven basket or it can be used to enhance a piece of furniture. A covered patio is an excellent spot for this natural material. It is derived from palms and adds lush texture to any room.

7. Feathers

You can find many knickknacks, upholstered furniture pieces, and outstanding accessories made with feathers. They can be used to create stunning wall hangings and much more.

These are only a sample of the natural materials being used by home designers. Many people love the idea of bringing the beauty of nature right into their homes. Add a touch of natural beauty into your home and leave a greener footprint this year. Furniture and other items in the home can be highly intriguing in this day and age. Gone are the standard and routine items that used to fill homes across the globe. It is time to say “hello” to unique and natural.

Nature and Beauty In the Home

The trends are definitely moving toward natural beauty and nature in homes everywhere. Solar is making a big impact on the environment. Homes in the city and homes in the country setting are being designed to benefit the planet in positive ways. More and more home designers are weaving the natural elements into their designs. 

Sustainable designs and natural materials are known for benefitting the health of homeowners and proving to be useful in terms of restoring the planet. The rise in environmental awareness has impacted many different areas of our lives, including the construction of homes and the way they are designed. These changes have been occurring over the last few years. 

Natural materials are healthy for the inhabitants and their well-being. They offer a cozy and calm ambiance too. The natural materials can be viewed as a simple change in style. Natural materials will not be going out of style in the near future. Health-conscious homes filled with natural beauty are surrounding us and making life more fulfilling and intriguing for many. A sustainable home will offer many advantages for years to come. Saving money and enhancing health are a few of the benefits of incorporating the natural elements in home designs.

partnered post • cc-licensed image by Hazel Owen