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Nowadays, we’re used to reading all sorts of hacks on how to bring positive energy to your home – but a recent infographic we have seen has brought another spin on the topic.

Kremp Florists have put together an infographic which dips into the true meaning of flowers. Their work has taken a look at fifty flowers from around the world – and concluded with the following:

From the perspective of a home, this is something that we found particularly interesting for a couple of reasons.

The first relates to history. After all, the page suggests that during the Roman era, lilies were stuffed into pillows and represents love. Now, as we all know, this is highly unlikely to happen as this is a flower that is more likely to be used in funerals. (click for larger version; scroll down to keep reading)


The second reason relates to some of the meanings behind the flowers themselves. This is something that can be more tied into the home, and just how we can use another method to bring some “better feelings” into our environment.

Take the orchid for example. While the name isn’t particularly “homely” (it actually means testicle in Greek), some of its initial meanings are. Unsurprisingly, “fertility” is one meaning, but two others come in the form of elegance and luxury. As such, for anyone looking to build either of the two into their home, the orchid is a good option.

Then, there are more vibrant options. Take the Camellia as another example. According to the infographic, the history behind this flower doesn’t actually resemble much in relation to the home. However, the meanings do, with passion, balance, beauty and youth all said to be related. It means that any homeowner looking to add a degree of the above into their home, could very well look to this flower.

Sometimes, it’s about some of the more “common” flowers as well. Take the Daffodil – a flower that we are all used to (probably though our gardens). The history of this flower actually links very closely to its meaning. In Greek mythology, it was said that Narcissus was so obsessed with his own reflection in a pool of water that he drowned. The result? A daffodil grew from his body, and is now said to resemble rebirth and new beginnings. Suffice to say, in a lot of households, these are quite relevant subjects.

The list could go on - and some of the meanings aren't always going to be positive. If we quickly turn to the Snapdragon as an example, this is actually related to deception. Clearly, this is one meaning that we aren't going to want to associate with our home.

As such, at least from our perspective, the infographic invoked a few new reactions. Particularly with feng shui and other energies becoming very mainstream nowadays, tapping into the use of flowers to promote better energy in the home feels like something that is going to become more common over the next few years.

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