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Key Steps to Take After Your Home Incurs Severe Storm Damage


Storms will come and go many times in a year, and most times they are nothing more than just an annoyance and a bump in the day. But not every storm will be minor, with some being so strong that they result in severe damage to your home. Surveying the damage after the storm can be stressful and upsetting, as your home is something you work hard to maintain and something you take great pride in. 

So what are the key steps you should take to perform the repairs and ensure it’s safe and sound once again? Here is a simple guide that you can follow.

When In Doubt, Get Out

First things first, if the damage appears substantial enough that the very integrity of your home seems to be at stake, you need to leave and stay somewhere else until a professional can survey the scene. You don’t want to be staying in the home while it’s at risk of the roof crashing down or walls giving way. 

Obviously, this is an extreme case of damage, and hopefully, it never gets to this point. It’s just better to play things extremely cautious in these circumstances.

Contact Your Insurance Representative

It's also important that you contact your insurance representative as quickly as possible following the storm. You will likely need to follow a formal claim if the damage is greater than your deductible payment would be. Insurance will then need to follow their own steps in the process, so the faster you get the ball rolling, the faster the repairs can begin.

Contact a Professional Contractor

The next step in the process is to find someone qualified and experienced that can repair the damage. Because there are so many different types of damage that can occur after a storm, it's wise to be specific in the services you are after. 

Let's say, for example, your roof and siding is what took the brunt of the damage. Then you'd be after a contractor with experience in siding and roof repairs, such Not only are experienced contractors well-versed in severe storm damage repairs, but they are experienced in working with insurance claims so you know they will understand all the necessary steps required.

Ensure All Is Secure for Future Storms

After the repairs have been made to your home, it’s also wise to use a critical eye and inspect the exterior of your home and the property itself. Look for potential safety and integrity risks that could potentially cause an issue in the next storm. This could be things like loose or damaged shutters, overgrown tree limbs near the house or even branches that look like they are dead could potentially come down in a wind storm.

Each of these tips will help you to work through the repair process as you remedy the damage that was done after a severe storm hit.

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