New Home Move-in Checklist

4 Things to Be Aware of & 3 Things to Ignore When Searching for the Perfect Home


Searching for the perfect home can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Your wishlist has needs that you aren’t willing to give up on… like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. While you might be concerned with your wishlist, there are some things you need to be especially aware of, while some things you can ignore. 



It’s pretty difficult to move a house, so be aware of the location when you tour. If it’s close to a highway or busy intersection, the home may have decreased value. Likewise, if it adds to your morning commute or isn’t in a good school zone, you may want to look somewhere else. 

Floor Plan

A floor plan isn’t an easy change. Although HGTV shows make fixer-uppers look easy, they’re not. Changing the floor plan of your home will lead to extra costs, extra waiting time before moving in, and extra resources. If you aren’t up for the challenge, move on to a different home with a floor plan you can work with. 

House Age

Old homes don’t always have problems, and if you are looking for history and charm, they’ll most likely have it. However, old homes are more likely to have lead pipes, termites, or other repairs. You may want to make sure you aren’t in over your head before bidding on an old home--you don’t want to accidentally sign up for a fixer-upper. 

Lot Size

If you are 100% set on having rolling acres of fields for your backyard, stop touring quarter-acre plots. Let your realty agent know how much land you expect so they can only show you the best homes for your wishlist and budget. If along with lot size, you are also worried about the view, consider looking at homes at for gorgeous property along green expanses of a golf course.


Paint / Wall Paper

While bright or drab walls can sometimes feel overpowering, they mislead buyers from truly being interested in a worthy home. Odd paint and wallpaper adorning the walls is an easy fix. Plus, if you mention that you’ll need to paint the walls, you may be able to knock a few hundred bucks off the asking price. 

Curb Appeal

When you get to the front step of a new house to tour, keep an open mind. While the current residents may have left their lawn to the elements, it doesn’t mean you have to. Imagine the home with new landscaping, window boxes, and shutters, and you might have found the perfect home. 


Carpet can seem like a big deal. So when you walk into a room with hideous shag carpet covered in hair, don’t panic. Carpet, like paint, is actually a simple fix that can help you negotiate the price to a lower offer. Replacing carpet isn’t very time consuming, plus, you’ll get to appreciate the brand new flooring in your home instead of living with worn-out carpet. 

Before you decide to buy a house, make a list of your priorities--what does this house need and what can you sacrifice? Let your agent know what you expect so they can help you find the perfect new match for you.

partnered post • image by Marten Bjork on Unsplash