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4 DIYs for the Laundry Room


If your laundry room is anything like mine, it’s sort of a mess. The laundry room is definitely not the most glamorous room in the house. But it deserves some credit. It’s where those stinky clothes get washed, where the kids’ backpacks get hung, and where I hide the dog when visitors come over. There are several ways to tidy up the laundry room, here are 4 DIYs to organize and beautify your laundry room.

1: Countertop Over Your Washer and Dryer

This DIY only works with front loading washers and dryers, but if you do have front loading machines, this DIY has a lot of practical and visual uses. It’s pretty common practice to store things on top of the washer and dryer, but this can make the laundry room look messy, crowded, and maybe even cheap. Installing a countertop above the washer and dryer gives you a proper place to store your detergents and fabric softners. Plus, if you go with a beautiful wooden countertop it can help establish a rustic aesthetic in your laundry room.

2: Wooden Pallet Hat and Coat Rack

Every laundry room needs to have a sturdy coat rack, especially if that room is being used to store backpacks. This DIY repurposes wooden pallets to create a rustic hat and coat rack. All you need is a pallet or two, which you can buy from Challenger Pallet and Supply, some coat hangers, nails, and paint. The nice thing about creating your own coat rack is that you can customize it to fit your exact needs. You can install the perfect amount of coat hangers. You could even use some paint to write everyone’s names above their hanger to give it a personalized touch.

3: Drying Rack

Most clothes can be dried in the dryer, but there are always a few delicate items that really should be air dried. I use to always air dry my delicate clothes on the back of my couch, but it was such a pain to leave them there as they dried. A drying rack gives you a space, that’s tucked out of the way, that’s dedicated to only air drying clothes. Installing a drying rack in the laundry room makes a lot of practical sense. It may not be the prettiest edition to your laundry room but it’s small and won’t catch too much attention, and I believe its usefulness far outweighs its lack of good looks.

4: Folding Table

I’m not talking about the cheap folding table you keep in storage, I mean install a table dedicated to folding clothes. I typically just fold my clothes on the couch or the bed, but lacking a hard surface to fold on sometimes irritates me. Plus, if I’m being honest, my freshly folded clothes normally sit on the couch for a while before they actually get put away. If you have the space in your laundry room, installing a folding table can help you get your laundry room more organized. Plus it’s easy to take your clothes from the dryer straight to the folding table. And, if you’re like me, if you can’t bring yourself to put away all those clothes after folding them, at least they’ll stay hidden in the laundry room and not take up half of your couch.

partnered post • image by Dan Gold and Unsplash