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Moving into a new home or apartment is a very exciting time. Whether you’ve made a move across the country or just down the block, there’s a lot to do to get ready to move, actually move, and move-in. Here are a few ways to help your move-in day go as smooth as possible.

1) Prep the House

Homes are rarely ever empty. Especially bare-bones, nothing but the walls and floor empty. The perfect time to get a deep and crazy thorough cleaning of your house is right before you move in. Who doesn’t want to move into a perfectly clean house? Take a day before your actual move-in day to deep clean. While you are at it, be sure to be checking the basic features of the house. Check to make sure the hot water is working, the stove turns on, the freezer gets cold, and the heater or AC work. If it doesn’t work, call a company that does heating services near you and get it fixed ASAP. Moving is stressful; don’t add to the stress by having to deal with a broken furnace or water heater.

2) Label

Label, label, label. Label everything. Moving equals hundreds of cardboard boxes and storage containers. It is such a pain to try and locate things when nothing is labeled. Make life easier on yourself and as you pack up your stuff label the boxes. Write down the room the things belong to, and what items are inside. This way, after a long day of moving, you’ll know where the silverware is so you can eat that hard-earned Chinese takeout.

3) Start Early

Moving in takes a while. I promise it will take longer than you think it will. First, you have to unload the truck, get the boxes to the right room, and then unpack it all. Start early in the morning to give yourself an entire day to move in. There’s no way to make moving in a super fun process, so just realize that your entire day will be dedicated to moving. Trying to get it done as quickly as possible might make the process less painful though.

4) Have a System

Gameplan how moving-day is going to go before it actually arrives. Moving will go much more smoothly if you focus on doing one task at a time. The first task: unload boxes from the truck and put them in the room they belong to. Second up, or it could be first (depends on how you packed the moving truck), move in the heavy furniture. Third, unpack what you need for the night. You won’t have time to unpack everything the first night, and maybe not even the first few days, and that’s okay. Use your labeled boxes to find what you need for the first night like bathroom supplies, bedspreads, and pajamas, and don’t stress about the other boxes for the night.

5) Recruit Help

There’s a reason professional moving companies exist. Moving is not exactly a one-man job. So recruit some help! Ask friends or neighbors, or a local church leader if they know anyone who could help you move in. Be polite and don’t monopolize their day, but having an extra set of strong arms to move heavy furniture will be extremely useful. And you can always hire a reputable removalist or mover – they’re often much more affordable than you’d expect, and the peace of mind is worth it anyway!

6) Get Ready to Work

Moving in is kind of a mental game. It’s a bit mundane bringing box after box into the house, but there’s no way around that work. So mentally prepare yourself for the long day ahead of you and find the determination to get it done. Motivate yourself with a hearty breakfast, yummy lunch break, and reward yourself that night by eating out. I promise you won’t want to try and cook the night you move in, plus all your pans will probably still be in boxes.

partnered post • photo by Erda Estramera from Unsplash