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5 Home Decor Trends to Follow for 2020

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As 2019 comes to a close, new home decor trends are on the rise for 2020. Some of our favorite trends this year are making their way into the new year, while other trends are just starting anew. Keep your home trendy and classy with these five ongoing and new home decor trends.

  • Bring Life to Your Home

Add some freshness to your home with tasteful houseplants. If you’re not much of a green thumb, then look for low-maintenance plants such as succulents, snake plants (don’t worry, this plant gets its name solely from its looks), aloe vera, and Dracaenas. 

Not only will these plants add beauty to your home, but they also provide other benefits. For example, the juice from an aloe vera plant contains antibacterial properties, improves skin, and lowers blood sugar. Dracaenas help rid the air of harmful chemicals, which will ultimately increase the freshness and purification of the air in your home.  

  • Natural Wood Accents 

Cozy-up your home by adding some natural wood accents. Along with plants, wood seems to follow the trend of natural-elements that’s becoming more and more prevalent. Add wooden elements through picture frames, furniture, mirrors, and shelves. Complement your small succulent plants with custom floating shelves for your home.

  • Painted Parquet

Speaking of wood, give your home a creative pop with painted parquet floors. This new trend challenges the recently revisited trends of wallpapered walls and patterned tiles. Try to follow the overall feel of the space before painting the floors. If it’s a busy room, consider a simple wood stain. If the room is clean and basic, you may try adding a painted pattern to the floor, such as large diamond shapes.

  • Chalk it Up

While the farmhouse trend has slowly started to die down, we haven’t quite let go of the fun chalkboard decor that came with it. You can incorporate the natural wood trend by lining a chalkboard with thick wooden strips. Practice your lettering and calligraphy with chalk markers–which will withstand smudging 10x more than regular chalk. 

These elegant chalkboards are great for weekly scheduling, inspiring quotes, holiday themes, and silly sayings. You can place them in front entry-ways or prop them on an easel on a shelf for all your guests to admire. 

  • Lighten to brighten

Bright is the new black. For this trend, “bright” isn’t referring to throwing fluorescent colors all over your walls. Rather, the key is to brighten your home with the use of light. The more windows in a room, the better. However, not all rooms have the luxury of light access through windows. Even without windows, your home can feel bright through additional light fixtures and light tones. Brightening your home will create a more open and inviting space.

Keep up to date on the latest home decor trends by adding plants, wooden elements, painted floors, chalkboard art, and brighter themes to your home. Not only are these changes beautiful and trendy, but they will improve your living space through the use of air-purifying plants and brighter atmospheres.

partnered post • photo by Tina Dawson on Unsplash