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Larger Living Rooms: Easy Hacks to Trick the Eye


It doesn’t matter what people say, bigger is always better. Particularly when it comes to living room spaces, this couldn’t be truer.

Unfortunately, most of us don't have unlimited pockets. Or, we don’t have any more land to extend our existing living room into.

It means that we’re left with two options; either move home or try and trick others’ eyes into thinking that this room is larger than it actually is.

Suffice to say, it is the latter which we will be focussing on today, as we look at some easy living room hacks to make this space look a lot bigger than it really is.

spread the light

One of the easiest ways to trick the eye is through the use of light. A big mistake made by homeowners with a small living room is to just have one central light, hanging from the ceiling.

Instead of this, try and opt for several. Some of these might be on the wall, while you might have more than one on the ceiling as well. It might require for you to find a drywall repair service in Jersey to patch over some of the old fittings, but the results are completely worthwhile.

the art of contrast

Another really effective way to make the room look bigger is simply by painting it. The golden rule is to not use any “medium” shades. In other words, you have to opt for light or dark colours.

The reason behind this is simple; you need to create contrast. This creates the illusion of depth, which is all you need.

go from head to toe with curtains

It might not be the style that suits some rooms in your house, but when it comes to a small living room you need to make an exception. This comes in the form of curtains that stretch from floor to ceiling. It might seem as though you are hiding some parts of the room, but it just makes the eye move upwards and it’s this effect which can again make the room seem a lot bigger than it really is.

In a similar vein, if you are really against the idea of long drapes, consider putting shelving or other furniture high on your wall. This has a similar effect – the room suddenly looks bigger as furniture is placed in varied positions.

make a big statement with furniture

We’ve just touched upon furniture, but if you are looking to make the biggest impact the rule of less is more couldn't be more true.

While you might think you are doing the right thing by having lots of little pieces of furniture, this can just make a small room look cluttered. Instead, turn to a feature piece - one that will draw all eyes to it. In doing this, you not only eliminate clutter, but you also detract attention from the fact that your room is smaller than you would like.

partnered post • cc-licensed image by Peter Hess