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Learn the Pros and Cons of Using Massage Chairs as a Creative


Massage Chairs – one could argue that they are man’s best gift to himself!

From a 10-year-old child to an 80-year-old adult, no one won't enjoy using one, making it one of the most sought out products in the 21st century.

And if you’re a person who’s an architect, poet, story-writer, painter, or engaged in any line of work that’s fueled by the creative side of your brain, then a massage chair can possibly boost your craft to the next level!

But there's always a flip side to every major invention, and massage chairs are no exception.

Even if they are one of the best things in your living room, they might also fall short in one way or the other but if you are already decided, Homesthetics has reviewed the best massage chairs out there with all their pros and cons listed, feel free to cast a glance over their review!

Here are a few Pros and Cons of having a massage chair.


Pros and Cons of Using Massage Chairs as a Creative


  1. Reduces neural pressure  

Massage chairs by its unique motion aligns the spine and reduce any pressure on nerves. They are a  mechanized substitution of acupressure. If you work for long hours or are approaching a certain age, then massage chairs are perfect relief therapy for you.

  1. Reduces stress on muscles

Stress and pain on muscles are one of the most common issues. Be it corporate lifestyle or getting creative at home, every physical activity can add to the stress. The therapeutic massage chairs relax the muscles and maintain a good body posture. Regular usage increases body's agility and overall balance.

If you had a rough day at work, then you're always one session away from relaxation. Must have for people who play a professional sport, or indulge in heavy lifting.

  1. Reduces stress and relieves many medical issues

If you're going through mental stress, anxiety, depression then you might have a hard time relaxing. Massage chair makes your body loosen up and help you relax. Problems like sleeplessness can also to tackled by getting a massage done.

Massage chairs are also useful in dealing with blood pressure. A perfect stressbuster if you can't find enough time or energy for recreational activities.

  1. Improves blood circulation

Due to prolong work hours it's possible for the body to get numb at certain places, leading to coagulation of blood and poor circulation. That is why getting a massage is so important. It eases the muscles, so that blood flow is at its average pace.

  1. Convenience

Precisely the reason why everyone wants one in their living room. Massage chairs can be used at any point in time with no prior setup. There is no hassle of getting oil, making sure it's at the right temperature, and getting a masseuse. All you need is do is sit and relax.

Additionally, massage chairs give you privacy, which makes sure you can relax without any worries of being judged. People who are shy in front of a stranger or are just insecure about their body will be able to reap the benefit of a message without making it awkward for themselves.


  1. Less effective when compared to traditional massage

This might seem like a contradiction to the point above, but it isn't. Don't get me wrong. Massage chairs are useful, but they fall short when it comes to the traditional massage means. If you're going through acute pain, then massage chairs won't help much.

  1. Limited functionality

Massage Chairs have come a lot way, but the mainstream ones are still limited to some selected motions. These limitations explain why massage chair falls short when you compare it with a traditional hand massage.

Chairs have a hard time with adjusting to an individual body and their respective level of stress. The less personal and more mechanized approach makes chairs somewhat limited.

  1. Maximum weight limit

Massage chair in all their glory come with a weight restriction. If you are clinically obese, then you might have a hard time trying to use one. Hence making it a dealbreaker for people who can’t afford to go out to exercise.

  1. Expensive

This is a dealbreaker for most people. Massage Chairs are extremely expensive, and it’s a status symbol to own one. Even people who are health-conscious find it hard to get their hands (literally) on one.


Final thoughts

Despite a few shortcomings and high price, there is little to no reason why you shouldn’t go for one if you can afford it, regardless of the type.

A massage chair has many health benefits and has made massage and stress relief far more accessible.

While traditional massage is still a wonderful experience, the massage chair has been successful in bringing the experience of massage to your living room at your convenience.

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