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How to Maximize the Use of Your Space

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If you’ve looked around your home and wondered how on earth you’re going to survive another year with all your stuff packed inside of it, you’re not alone. As creatures that tend to settle in one spot for at least a short duration of time, we also tend to collect a lot of things.

They may be necessary like your cooking pots, memorable like your limited edition Taylor Swift jacket, or miscellaneous like the pile of magazines that you don’t need but just aren’t sure if you can get rid of yet. Whatever they are, if you’re not quite ready to purge your hoard of items, it’s definitely time to shape up your space so it’s still livable despite everything you’ve accumulated.

Get Organized

Are you serious about cleaning up the house? Then your first step to turning it around is getting organized. While this may seem like the most tedious step in maximizing the use of your storage space, it’s really the foundation that everything else depends on.

So make lists, sort objects, and map out your ultimate vision. Then enlist the help of your family and friends--especially those who have a knack for organization. They can help this step go more quickly, and they’ll be there to make sure the things you really don’t need go in the bin, get recycled, or get donated to a thrift store rather than bulking up your home.

Use Shelving

You may be excited to go out and buy woven baskets, plastic tubs, and metal bins to keep all your belongings out of sight, but these can end up adding to the restriction on your space rather than consolidating it.

Instead, look into building shelving and other storage directly into your existing home. This can allow you to use more of the vertical space in your home and cut down on the extra space needed for movable or freestanding structures like bins and armoires.

Build Compact Structures

In much the same way that Dome Technology uses dome structures to maximize storage space for soybean crops, you can build compact structures that are easy to access while still containing an impressive amount of items and folding away nicely into a cupboard or corner.

These can be especially useful in a kitchen space with extra appliances like a toaster, grill, or griddle that usually take up counter space.

Invest in Dual Functionality

Another fantastic way to maximize the space in your home is by creating or investing in items that take on one or more jobs. Maybe those window seats you wanted to build could serve as storage for the kids’ toys or the thick blankets you only use during the winter.

When making new purchases, do some research to see whether those items come in a compact form or one with a dual function. Keep in mind that paring down your belongings can take time, so you may find a dual functioning item that means you can retire several old items that handled the job jointly before.

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