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It’s probably going to be the most expensive thing that you ever decide to purchase, so it stands to reason that a little due diligence is required when you buy a house.

This is one of the reasons why so much emphasis is placed on the likes of surveys and warranties. After all, if you have armed yourself with the best home warranty, you of course have a high degree of protection for the next few years.

To provide an overview of some of the things that should be looked at as you buy your home, we have compiled today’s guide. We will now take a look at four of the most important areas that should come under scrutiny during the house buying process.

The importance of a sound roof

To the Average Joe, a roof might just seem like something to keep the outside elements out. While this is of course true, let's not forget that this is a crucial structural element of your home and it can get expensive.

Loose tiles are just the tip of the iceberg, long before you buy your home you should be venturing up into the attic to inspect the condition of the wooden joists. In an ideal world, an expert will do this for you, and find if everything is structurally sound. It might also tell you about the feasibility of converting the roof space into a habitable room - which can of course provide you with plenty of opportunity in relation to your home's future value.

The damp-factor

Again, in an ideal world the experts would be brought in to assess this next point. Nevertheless, if you spot any damp patches on the walls of the property in question, it might be time to investigate. In a bathroom it can be common, due to condensation, and this might not be anything to worry about. However, in other areas of the home you shouldn’t be seeing any signs, and you should investigate further if you do notice any mold building on the walls as this can be a costly problem to rectify.

Are there any new developments nearby?

While there is the obvious nuisance-factor to take into account here, there are other things to think about when it comes to new developments.

One of these is how a nearby development is going to impact your property structurally. If it is built close to your foundations, there is a chance that they can be affected by ground movement when the new foundations are formed. As such, perform desktop research, and find out what is in the pipeline for the area.

The heating-factor


Depending on where in the world you live, this may or may not be a factor. However, new heating systems can cost a small fortune to install, so ensuring that the one already in place is in good working order should be a priority. In some systems, you might be able to test by seeing if any hot water runs out of the taps. In others, you might have to wait until it boots up and see if the radiators start to work.

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