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Home Projects During the Fall

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Why do home owners come up with all these projects during the fall? Well, fall is the perfect time to clean summer's mess. Since it comes before winter, it's also the best time to prepare the house for the cold season ahead. Maximize this precious time for renovation and maintenance projects.

Roof Repairs or Replacements

Inspect your roof and see if there are replacements or repairs that need to be done. While this falls under the category of home maintenance, it still makes for an excellent project because it'll increase the resale value of your home. You can start by fixing loose shingles and replacing the missing ones so you're sure that you and your family will stay dry come snowfall. Ice will enter the house through gaps or leaks in the roof.

Keep the Downsprouts and Gutters Clean

It's a bit daunting to do but it has to be done. Inspect and clean the gutters and downsprouts during the fall. This simple task will keep ice dams from happening during the winter. Cleaning it is quite easy, all you have to do is get rid of debris, twigs, and leaves that block the drainage. Get some water to flush everything out, see if there are leakages, check the joints and adjust the tightness of the brackets if need be.

Replace Home Furnace Filters

Filters are rated to be replaced every 90 days and this is something that a lot of home owners are not aware of. Furnace filters get clogged because of the dust in our homes and fur from our pets. Now before you head out to the nearest big box department store, look at the size of the furnace filter so you purchase the right one. A reputable online supplier such as Your Filter Connection carries hundreds of different furnace filter sizes and different efficiencies. A word of caution is to make sure you buy a filter that is rated to work with your HVAC system. Installing a hospital grade air filter could actually cause your furnace and air conditioning unit damage if it does not have a strong enough motor to push through denser filters.

Clean the Fireplace

One way to ensure that the fireplace will operate safely is through proper inspection. If you're using the fireplace during the cold days you need to clean it at least once every 365 days to avoid chimney fires. If you intend to do the cleaning and maintenance by yourself, it's best to have a professional do the initial inspection.

Inspect the Heat System

Speaking of the fireplace, it is also crucial that you inspect your house's heat system in preparation for the winter season. Address issues immediately and ensure that it can perform at its best so you won't be spending thousands of dollars on repairs in the future. Older models of heat systems that use gas are less efficient than newer units.

Albeit known for being the season for applie-picking, fall is also the best time to roll up those sleeves and get your hands dirty with home improvement projects. It's the perfect blend of hot and cold, plus the colors outside make it hard to resist working outdoors.

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