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The trend of Hygge (pronounced "hue-geh") is becoming more and more popular these days. More than strictly a home decor trend, Hygge represents the Danish way of life: joyous, carefree, and serene. This cozy way of living life includes a few key decor aspects designed to help you feel truly at home in your home. Each one of the five Cs — clutter-free, canvas, cotton, candles, and comfort — all represent an important aspect of Hygge decor.

Clutter-Free Surroundings

While Hygge decor is far from blank and soulless, it should never feel cluttered. Clutter will add to your stress levels, and the objective of Hygge is to provide a feeling of serenity and comfort.

If your beginning decor feels cluttered, start by clearing it up before you do anything else. Adding Hygge decor on top of clutter will only create more chaos and make you feel overwhelmed. The further down to the “bare bones” of the room you can get, the more successful you will be. Remember, you can always add more items later if the room feels too empty to you.


Canvas and Visual Textures

The usual color schemes used in Hygge are neutral palettes, with visual interest being provided by textures rather than loud colors. This allows even subtle textures to be noticed and appreciated.

An easy way to add visual texture is by selecting artwork with rich canvas rather than glossy prints. You can add a deeper level of meaning to your Hygge decor by using a custom canvas art service such as Canvas Vows to create your own personalized canvas art, using the words or photos that mean the most to you.

Another way you can incorporate visual textures into your decor is through three-dimensional decorations, such as a vase filled with fresh flowers or delicate tree branches, or a hand-carved wooden bowl of fresh fruit. Natural textures are best for Hygge as they provide a connection to the balance of the natural world.

Cotton and Textures You Can Feel

In order to embrace the carefree and cozy lifestyle of Hygge, you need to feel snug and secure. Surrounding yourself with natural textures not only adds to the aspect of visual interest, but provides you with the important key feeling of comfort.

Decorate your seating and nooks with fluffy pillows and soft blankets, and consider a thick area rug for hard flooring. Choose fabrics that are a solid color rather than printed, and don’t be afraid to mix and match smooth cotton with chunky knits. If it’s something you would love to curl up in on a rainy afternoon, it belongs in your Hygge decor.

Try to stay with textures and materials that you enjoy, and avoid any that are itchy or uncomfortable.

Candles and Warm Glows

One aspect of Danish culture and the Hygge lifestyle includes cuddling with loved ones by the fireplace. As lovely as fireplaces are, unfortunately not all homes have them.

Not to worry, though! You can still embrace the warm radiance by utilizing candles in your decor. The soft, warm glow of candlelight provides a feeling of relaxation and romance that simply cannot be replaced with artificial light. You can light your favorite jar candles, decorate with candle lanterns, or even place candles in a (fire-safe) faux fireplace.

You can embrace Hygge decor a step further by replacing harsh, bright lights with strands of fairy lights. Using these lights provides a twinkling glow and offers a feeling of warmth and joy.

Comfort – The Hygge Atmosphere

The final C represents the atmosphere and overall objective of the Hygge lifestyle: comfort.

The calming neutral color scheme, the taking the time to notice textures, the soothing lighting — it all contributes to the feeling of comfort and ease you experience in your home.

In order to fully appreciate the atmosphere of your Hygge decor, spend some time embracing the lifestyle it represents.

So, enjoy your new surroundings. Throw on a soft robe or some yoga pants and kick off your shoes. Invite a few friends or family members over to catch up and reminisce. Curl up with a good book and a warm cup of tea. Who knows, with any luck, your decor will just be the first part of your life to become carefree and comfortable.

guest post • cc-licensed image by julochka