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It’s widely regarded as one of the easiest ways to make a room look larger, yet if one casts their eye around homes around the country it will soon start to become clear that far too many people make mistakes with their lighting.

A well-lit room can be transformational, yet one in the opposite group can be completely devalued. As such, to ensure that you don’t fall into the latter category, let’s now take a look at some of the most common lighting mistakes that are made and help to make sure that you don’t commit them.

Mistake #1 – The fixture isn’t the right size

Fortunately, this first mistake can be easily rectified. In other words, it doesn’t relate to any form of technical knowledge, and it’s simply about appreciating what size light fixture you should be purchasing to match the rest of your room. If you have invested in something like Pagazzi ceiling lights, only to realize later down the line that they just aren’t proportionate to everything else in the room, it’s a complete waste to your space.

For example, if you have a gigantic dining room table and hang a small ceiling light over the top, it stands to reason that it’s going to border on the ridiculous. At the same time, a huge ceiling light over a tiny table will have the same effect. If we were to hone in on chandeliers, a common rule is making sure that they are a foot smaller than the table’s width.

Mistake #2 - Forgetting about the shadow effect

Another common mistake is forgetting about the shadows that lighting creates. For example, in the case of a kitchen, if the lights sit above the edge of the counter, a shadow will be created over the counter when you start to work on there. It’s in cases like this where you need to test exactly how the light reacts, as well as considering alternative means of lighting (such as under cabinet ones).

Mistake #3 – You ignore dimmer switches

Dimmer switches seem to have a bad name in some sources, which is surprising when you consider their power. This is one tool that you really should be looking to tap into the advantages of. They allow you to set the tone for an occasion, or even your mood. For example, having a room full of light for a quiet dinner is hardly appropriate – and is something that a dimmer can rectify pretty quickly.

Mistake #4 – You don’t consider the energy-factor

Finally, you might have installed the perfect lighting system and be completely happy with the end result. However, at the same time, it costs a fortune to run.

Nowadays, there is no excuse for spending a fortune on lighting upkeep. LED bulbs are now readily available and don’t have the prohibitive price tags that they once did. The energy savings here can be fantastic, although it’s worth mentioning that not all types of lighting is going to be suitable for this.

guest post • cc-licensed image by juliana