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You’ve got a beautiful home with a beautiful yard, but it’s not always easy to take care of, which means its curb appeal isn’t exactly telling about its true state.

With stressful deadlines and work leaving home projects piling up, your yard is the one that takes the brunt of the neglect; and while that tradeoff can’t be remedied immediately, there may be a solution that your home is ready for: a shed. If you have a decent sized yard and no shed, here are five reasons it’s time for you to finally put one in.

You Can Avoid Clutter

Your yard becomes the catchall for anything that doesn’t belong in the house. You have probably tried to keep everything in one place, organizing it as best you can so you can find each thing when you’re looking for it later, but items in the garage becomes items along the side of your home spilling into both the front and back yards.

In this case, a shed is an ideal solution. It can become a catchall that hides away ongoing projects, leaving your yard looking sharp and welcoming to your family and visitors.

You’ll Have More Storage

Becoming a homeowner means investing in a lot of maintenance tools and equipment that you probably didn’t anticipate purchasing. A shed functions as a great place to organize and store these things so they are easy to find the next time you need them.

It doesn’t have to be restricted to your lawn mower and hedge shears either. Store skis during the summer and during the winter, you can store bikes and tubes for floating the river.

You’ll Have Easy Access to Equipment

If instead of employing yard services like your children are taking care of the yard work or you’re paying the neighbor’s boy to do it, having a shed gives your workers easy access to the tools they need.

They won’t have to pick through projects in the garage, move things so you can’t find them, or be dissuaded from their chores because of any extra work just getting ready to start working.

You Can Make Tools Last Longer

A major selling point for investing in a shed is protecting your tools, equipment, and other belongings that are too big or too dirty to score a place inside the house.

You’ll not only keep them safe from being stolen or taken without your permission, but they’ll be sheltered from the elements, preventing rusting and weathering that could mean replacing them sooner rather than later. It’s also a good idea to keep them out of sight of your children during regular play time so your children don’t get hurt and your tools aren’t damaged either.

You’ll Have a Designated Work Area

With so many projects going on, it can be hard to find a place to work that’s safe and quiet. Kids are always playing in the yard or riding bikes down the driveway, and working in the garage means moving the cars elsewhere.

Building a shed gives you a space where you can work without disrupting normal life activities, and if it’s time to close up shop for the day and you’re not quite finished, you don’t have to clean up everything just to get it out again later.

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