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When it comes to chronic diseases, many people are often surprised to hear that allergies are the most common of chronic disease in all of Europe. For some of these people, their allergy may be so severe that it triggers an asthma attack or worse, so it's not something that can be taken lightly. Breaking the stats down even further, it seems as though the UK is among those with the highest number of allergies in the entire world, which means if you happen to suffer from allergies, you are far from alone.

For allergy sufferers, the key lies in learning what they are allergic to first, and then finding ways to avoid that trigger. Unfortunately, that’s not always easy or possible, but in many cases, concessions can be made in your lifestyle, your daily routine, and even the environment in which you live. Since you tend to spend a fair amount of time in your home, this is one area of your life that is wise to examine closely and look for ways to make positive changes that will help limit your allergies.

One such change that can prove incredibly beneficial for allergy sufferers is to look for a new home with a heat recovery system, which is a type of ventilation system. This is actually one of the best solutions out there in new build homes if you happen to have allergies. Let's take a closer look.

A New Home Isn’t a Sure Bet

If you have a large number of allergies and/or severe allergies, then being able to get through a day without allergy symptoms or an allergy attack is typically pretty high on the list of priorities. Perhaps you have been looking for a new build home thinking this is the best way to go since there won’t be any allergens present. Unfortunately, allergens are something that can build in any home, regardless of age, so purchasing a new home isn’t a sure bet.

What it comes down to is the air that is circulating in your home. For those homes that are a bit older, they are probably very airtight – in fact they may be so airtight that everything is trapped inside including air that isn’t exactly fresh and could be filled with allergy triggers. With that air circulating in the home, with no means of escaping, you certainly aren’t doing yourself any favours.

Remove the Stale Allergy Laden Air

The key tends to lie in being able to remove that stale allergy laden air and making sure that the air you are breathing in is fresh and trigger-free as possible. This is exactly what a heat recovery ventilation system is able to do. This system actually works to ventilate the stale air and moisture out of your home, so that the air that remains is healthier, fresher, and free of any moisture. At the end of the day, this tends to create a much more comfortable living environment for allergy sufferers.

As for installing this system, it’s a good idea to talk to your builder and discuss how it can be incorporated into your home.

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