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Start Saving Money Today Around the Home


If you're like many people you spend money without giving much thought to how you might do better. That is until you come to the end of the month and you have nothing left over for personal enjoyment. Luckily, there are literally hundreds of ways you can start saving money today without making any huge sacrifices.

Pest Control

You may not think that pest control can save you money. However, if you have a termite or carpenter ant problem chances are what you see is only the half of it. Generally, you won't see them until they have done considerable structural damage which can result in thousands of dollars in repairs. Thankfully, regardless of your location on the map, there are companies that specialize in the safe and effective removal of insects and rodents. If you live in Central Ohio, begin by checking the listings for pest control in Columbus Ohio to find a service which can rid your home of these pests and save you money in the long run.

Lose the Brand Names

Food shopping can consume a large portion of your leftover cash.  In most cases, the generic brands work just as well as the higher priced brand names. The only difference is that brand names spend a lot of money on their publicity campaign and have fancy, eye-catching labels. If you're a bit squeamish about switching over all at once, try a couple each shopping trip. Within a year, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

Utility Bills

If you have extremely high utility bills, you're consuming too much energy. A few simple changes like turning off the lights, timing your showers, installing a programmable thermostat, lowering the heat and raising the air conditioning and washing your clothes in cold water will help you work those bills down to a reasonable monthly payment. Regular maintenance of your heating and cooling system including changing out the filters every few months will also help you to save more and keep your equipment performing at its best.

Cable Television 

Television is something that most people enjoy. However, do you really need access to 200 to 300 channels? Chances are you don't even know how many you have. Contact your service provider and switch to a lower plan that has the channels you like and eliminates the ones you don't watch. If your cable company also offers internet and phone services you can also check to see if bundling the services together will save you more money.

Check for Coupons

Take advantage of 24/7 access to the internet and check for coupons before you buy anything. This can include things like dining out at your favorite restaurant, shopping for electronics and clothing, lawn care, pest control, pet grooming, and haircuts. Almost anything you need is on sale somewhere.

Buy Second Hand

If you are in the market for a table and chair set or a lawn mower check the local paper or websites like Craigslist to see if someone has something in good condition that they no longer need.

Pay in Advance

Some companies such as insurance agencies offer a discount if you pay 6 months or the entire year in advance. Before paying your next bill contact the company to see if they have any incentive programs for early payments.

Take Care of Your Health

Make annual visits to the doctor and the dentist for everyone. This will help you avoid costly expenses for progressed illnesses and cavities turned root canal that would otherwise not get to that level.

Keeping more of your hard-earned money should be the goal of everyone. Afterall, you work all week so that when your time off arrives you can kick back and spend time on the things you really enjoy. The good news is that it doesn't take long to turn around from penniless to funds available.

partnered post • cc-licensed image by Steven Depolo