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Space Optimisation Tips For This Summer


With August coming up shortly, many are the ones who want to rebuild or optimise their garden or outdoor space. This is naturally a hard mission to accomplish, especially if you're not an experienced designer or simply because you don't have a big budget planned for such renovation. In order to reshape your outdoor space, analysing which pieces are still working in your current picture is the starting point, unless you're going after a complete renovation. Let's break down 4 tips in order for you to achieve great results when it comes to space optimisation and general outdoor planning.

Number One: Small Spaces Are Easy To Organise

If you have a small garden, this may sound weird to you: given the fact that you don't have a big space, placing all your pieces of furniture in order to create more space or simply because you want to give them a cleaner look could be hard. By simply following a process known as "the central progression" you can overcome this obstacle: place your table/your bulkiest piece of furniture in the centre and everything else around it, in order to have more space for you and your guest to move. This could be a great starting point for optimising your outdoor space, especially since it naturally creates more space.

Number Two: Accessories And Decorations

If there's a simple tip everyone can follow when it comes to decoration, it is "don't exaggerate." No one, in fact, is expecting you to build a glass fountain in the middle of your small garden, so don't over complicate your life and just place something that truly describes who you are (framed pictures, for example, are a great hint) in order to create an "outside living room."


Number Three: Buying New Furniture

If your furniture is old or simply not so good looking, before changing it you should follow two simple steps:

  • Plan your budget. Regardless of the fact that you're going after this kind of outdoor living furniture, deciding the amount of money that you want to invest is possibly the most important thing.

  • Once again, don't exaggerate. If you are planning on inviting 2/3 friends once every two weeks, let's be real: you don't need any fancy looking piece of design. With that being said, the pieces don't have to be cheap looking, so try to get the best of both worlds.


Number Four: Lights

Is there anything better than having a small soiree between you and your friends after the sunset? Maybe with some chilled drinks talking about the most random stuff that happened to you during the week? I don't think so. In order to do so, especially when it gets dark, you must have a proper lighting system. This doesn't have to be expensive, but practical and stylish. That's why my personal advice would be relying on LEDs, especially since you can get them for cheap on Amazon nowadays.


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