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Keep It a Secret! Hidden Home Office Storage

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Many homeowners do not have the space for a home office or if they do, they fight through the clutter that has been created in the room. Whether you have a desk crammed full of office supplies or a room seeping out items from the closet, it is time to sit down and add some additional storage space to your home office.

There are ways that you can secretly add storage to your office to provide you with a place to stash some extra items you may have around the house and you never have to worry about your friends or guests seeing it. Below, we will go over some secret hidden home office storage options that will allow you to free up space, store items, and feel good about it at the same time.

Electrical Strip

If you need to use an electrical strip to plug in all of your home office’s equipment, then you probably know how unsightly it can be just plopped onto the floor. Not only that, the wires become a nuisance and you may trip over them as you try to get up from your desk or move around. To prevent this from happening, you can install a small basket to the underneath of your desk and place the electrical strip into it. This way, you can access it when needed and eliminate the potential danger of tripping.

In-the-Wall Cabinet

An in-the-wall cabinet is a great hidden storage location for some of your office supplies. Depending on your needs, you can have a single shelf for a printer or you can have multiple shelves that house and hide some of your office necessities such as files and books.

Velcro for Your Wires

If you have exposed wires, you may not want them in the view of other people and this is understandable. One hidden storage option for them is to Velcro them underneath your desk. This way, they are out of sight, but they are still accessible if you find yourself needing to unplug one of them.

File Drawer for Your Printer

Sometimes, the printer is the largest and bulkiest of the items within your office and you may want to keep it hidden and out of sight. You can quickly and easily place your printer inside of a file drawer and open the drawer as needed to use the printer.

If you are worried about wires when it comes to this option, you can either run them down into the file cabinet or you can get a wireless printer, which would not have any wires.

Keep Your Home Office Supplies and Equipment Out of Sight

Your home office should be a place that is free from clutter that allows you to work and accomplish the things you need to throughout the day. The above hidden storage ideas are perfect for any home office and will free up space. If you still need more space, you can rent a storage unit and keep your additional items stored away safely until you are ready to use them again.

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