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Designing and Building your own Eco Home

Have you ever considered designing or building your own eco home? It may be much more within your grasp than you may think. When looking to design and build an eco-home (or simply make your current home more environmentally friendly) there are a multitude of features which are not only easy to install but can help save the environment and save you money in the long run!

The four must-have features of an Eco-Home:

  • Solar Panels are widely recognised now as the perfect way to provide electrical energy to your home. They produce 0 emissions, can be fitted to almost any home and the best bit? They can save you upwards of £8,000 over the course 20 years!

  • As an alternative to traditional boilers wood burners are a great alternative. The wood used is renewable, carbon neutral as a fuel source and dependable.

  • Underfloor heating (not just for expensive hotels and spas!) when installed and used correctly it is one of the most efficient ways to heat your home and can increase energy efficiency by up to 40%.

  • The easiest introduction, smart technology. It’s possibly the easiest way to keep track of your spending and your energy usage and some people have recorded savings of around £200 from simply being more aware of their energy usage.


For more information on how to design and build your own eco-home, have a look at the infographic below…

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