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Whether it’s a cramped kids room, or a claustrophobic kitchen, if you aren’t making full use of the space in your home it can start to take a toll on your life, as well as your house’s aesthetic.

Without the right organisation techniques you can soon find yourself having to pick your way through clutter in a small room, hindering your home life and giving guests a bad impression!

If you’re struggling with storage or the layout of one of your smaller rooms and need some tips on how to get your house back in order, then read on.

This article has all the space-saving ideas you need to turn a tiny room into a place you can be proud of.

Clever bed choices

If you’re struggling with a kids’ bedroom constantly being cluttered, leaving you tripping over toys whenever you enter it, then it may be time for a revamp.

Choosing a bed with a desk or storage underneath provides more floor space for the little ones to play with toys, and helps to create more space by having somewhere to stow them when playtime is over!

This benefits you by leaving everywhere much more clean and tidy at the end of the day, and gives your little one more space to grow.

Bathroom tips

A small bathroom can leave you struggling for storage solutions at first, but with a few clever tricks you can turn this space into your own personal paradise.

Corner sinks with vanity mirrors or cabinets mounted on top are great in small bathrooms, as they mean that there is more space leftover for storage and movement.

As well as this, shower enclosures can help in creating space for bathrooms of all shapes and sizes as they only take up a small portion of a room, without impacting their performance.

In addition, they help to keep the rest of your bathroom dry, reducing the risk of damp forming, whilst still creating privacy and comfort when showering.

Create storage in dead spaces

A great way to free up some space in your home is to ensure that no storage options are being overlooked or wasted.

Think about it, what’s under your stairs apart from a hoover and a recycling bin? Consider putting other items which aren’t a daily necessity in here, such as an ironing board, and you will soon find that you have more space than you originally thought!

Sliding shelves

One of the best storage solutions available for smaller rooms is adding sliding shelves.

Turning one side of these into a bookcase can help to free up heaps of room and also allows for more display potential, leaving your home feeling brand new!

As you can see, smaller rooms in your home don’t have to feel cramped. With a little bit of attention, they can cater to your practical needs or provide a cosy space that you enjoy relaxing in. Simply follow these steps, and see the difference straight away!

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