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College is about learning and having fun, and where you are going to live is an important part of that.

You are embarking on one of life’s first greatest adventures – college.

It's super exciting to be thinking about leaving your home and being in your home, but also just a little bit frightening and overwhelming.

It’s pretty common for your mind to be brimming with a ton of questions at all the new possibilities.

Where will you live? What should you look for in a new apartment? What will your roommates be like?

To put your mind a little at ease and to give you a good head start here are a few tips and tricks on how to find the best college housing, housing that will ensure that your first couple years at college will be as fun and exciting as they should be.

Your first research

You will probably be doing a lot of research, and now is your chance to hone this skill by looking for an awesome place to live.

The internet and social media will be your friend when it comes to finding the best college housing, and it's as easy as searching, for example, if you are going to BYU-Idaho, "BYU-I approved housing" and see what pops up.

Another great tool to know the best spot to live is to reach out to people you know who are going to your same college and asking them where the best places to live are. It could also be an opportunity to find a new future roommate!


One of the best things about going to college in the time that we live in is that most colleges have brand-new apartments and dorms on and off campus for students.

Having an apartment that is on the newer side ensures that you won’t have wonky or outdated appliances, so you can probably save some money and cook at home, which is great for most college kids who are on a starving-student diet.

Also, new apartments might have some cool features like built-in iPads or other cool techy systems to control the home, or brand-new washing machines and dryers, and trash shoots, which you will be grateful for on trash days with multiple roommates.

Take a tour

Something that is really important and a great way to ensure you find housing that you love, at a reasonable price, in an environment that you like is to actually go to the apartments that you are interested in and take a tour.

Taking a tour is a great way to make sure that things look as good as their pictures on the internet, and also a great time to ask about costs such as rent, utilities, and down-payments. It will also be a good time to see how big the room sizes are and if you want to have a roommate or not, or how many roommates you want to have.

Think about the small things

An important tip when it comes to finding what you want in college housing is to think about all the little details that are actually important to you.

Like, does it make a difference how close your apartment is to campus? Whether it is furnished or unfurnished? The type of neighborhood you live in?

If some of these things are important to you and you know they will affect how satisfied you are with where you live, make sure to incorporate them in your search for your apartment and ultimately the apartment you choose.

They say to not sweat the small stuff, but when it comes to college housing, you might want to.

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