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Because sometimes it’s not about having less stuff, it’s about how you store it.

Sometimes it can feel like you are drowning in your own belongings. Stuff seems to be piled up everywhere, and there are just not enough places to put it.

The hard part about it too is that it’s all stuff you need and use every day, not just miscellaneous objects you’ve collected over the years, all though those are probably floating around there as well.

Not to mention this can be even more difficult if you run a business from home or work at home and you have to worry about storage for your inventory or for work files.

The good news is however high this pile may seem to get, there is a solution to make it feel like you aren’t just a hoarder.

The way that you store things can also determine how organized you are, and the more effective the storage the more organized everything will seem.

Here are five ways to store things more effectively, that way your house feels cleaner, you know where everything is, and everything has a place.  

  • Label everything

One of the best ways to store things more effectively is to label everything. After all, nothing is worse than having everything organized in its rightful place but then forgetting where you put what and having to dig through it all over again only to create an even bigger mess.

Label the outside of your storage containers or boxes with clear and easily readable labels. Then also label the content of those containers on the inside, that way if you need to reach for something, you know exactly where and what to grab.

  • Divide and conquer

Dividers are also an organizer's best friend, because just like the labels, you will be able to easily grab and put things back without having to create a further mess.

Within your boxes or containers divide the contents to make things more accessible as well as helping to fit more things into the containers.

  • Quality and Quantity

No matter what your storage container needs are, what you store things in will greatly help in keeping it all organized and kept safe and clean.

Pick containers that are durable, but also look nice and can be stacked if necessary. A good idea is to also use clear containers when possible, that way you can see the contents and easily read any labels that you place on them. 

  • Think outside the box, literally 

Boxes are an easy go-to when it comes to thinking about storage, but there are many other container options out there that can be even more effective and also help to keep things organized and clean.

For larger objects or for several containers it might be a good idea to think about using something like wood pallets, especially if the objects you are storing need to be on top of one another or shipped in large storage containers.

This would be an especially good idea if you work at home and need to store your inventory or ship it. Also, there are many companies who could customize the wood pallets for your needs.

  • Go big or go home

Sometimes the key to storing things effectively and keeping it all organized is to admit that you don’t have enough space and you might need to find some more.

There are many options for this such as renting a lockup storage in London, buying a shed, or even an office space when necessary.

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