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Tired of spotty, patchy, and hard to maintain grass? Well, turf is probably the answer for you.

When you hear the word turf you may automatically think of a football field or "fake" grass. While most football fields are lined with a certain type of turf, there are actually a few kinds, one of which is actually a plant and as real as can be.

But you may be asking yourself, what does turf have to do with me and my grass needs?

And the answer could actually be a lot. There are many benefits to turf, and to just name a few, there is its curb appeal, easy maintenance, and ability to withstand harsher weather than most grasses.

Here are a couple more reasons turf is the answer to what you need in your front and back yards and will have you singing its praises.

Turf is good for the environment

Not only does turf look good, but it is actually good for the environment.

According to a Turf Magazine, the USDA certified turf as a biobased material. This means they are produced not using petroleum, saving the environment and precious natural resources.

Turf also has the ability to suck pollutants out of the air such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, providing clean air. It also helps to keep the ground cool helping surrounding temperatures.

Turf also helps with water by helping it pass through it all while filtering it and absorbing it easier where it is needed as well.

Tons of curb appeal

Want to increase the value of your home? Turf is such a great way to do that. In fact, studies show that turf can increase the value of a property by 15 to 20 percent.

Not only will turf make your home easy on the eyes, but it will also make it easy on the mind.

According to The Professional Landscape Network, green spaces such as green grass promote improved physical and mental well-being, meaning those around them are more likely to be happier and feel more at peace.

Just looking out your window at your lawn could be the easiest stress reliever ever!

Low maintenance

Keeping your lawn fresh, green, and free of brown spots and weeds is no easy task - unless you have turf.

Regular grass can be prone to bugs, disease, and soil issues. Not to mention the harsh cold of winter and the high heat of summer.

Turf has the ability to withstand harsher weather and temperatures, meaning it will be more likely to stay green and nice-looking through all seasons.

Part of its low-maintenance status is that you won't have to invest a ton of money to maintain it, especially if it is artificial turf. You won't have to pay your neighbor's son to mow it, worry about the best soil and pesticides, or replacing the yellow patches.  

Even if you do have to replace certain parts for some reason, those parts can be recycled and used elsewhere, meaning you get your money’s worth.

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