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How to keep your home bug-free this summer

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Spring and summer bring sun and flowers, but that also means bugs and spiders.

No one likes the idea of bugs in or around their house.

But what can be done to get these pests under control?

Pest control is something all homeowners are on the lookout for, and there are actually several ways you can keep your house bug free yourself.

Warmer weather doesn’t have to mean an infestation for you or anything near your house.

Keep up with repairs

Bugs are small, so it seems pretty obvious logic that even the tiniest breeches in your house could be a way for them to get in.

Keeping up on the small repairs in and around doors, windows, or other places that touches the outside is a great way to make sure those pesky critters stay out.

Make sure to clean

A tidy home is one not only free of mess, but it stays free of bugs too!

One of the best types of pest control is to sweep, vacuum, and mop as much as possible.

Not only will you be grateful for a spotless house, but you will be grateful for the comfort of knowing you are living bug-free.

You can go natural

If the idea of using too many chemicals to help with your pest control keeps you up at nights as much as the thought of bugs inside or outside your house, rest easy that there are natural ways to keep them away.

One such way is using vinegar to clean, because not only does it naturally kill germs, but it’s a natural repellent for ants.

Some other natural repellents that you probably have lying around in your spice rack are mint, cinnamon, pepper, and turmeric.

Check out where the bug hangs out

They say the best way to beat your enemy is to know it, so what other way to beat bugs away than knowing where they hang out the most.

Check up on areas around your house where bugs seem to gather, and make sure to keep those areas clean and clear to prevent those areas from becoming an infestation instead of just a few pests.

Also, even if you see just one or two bugs in a certain area make sure to take action right away, because bugs such as ants send out scouts to scope out the good spots to come in and take hold. They will also leave chemical trails to lead their friends to their spot, so even just cleaning with soap and water will not only get rid of that trail but also keep the area clear from any other invasions.

Stay high and dry

Humans aren’t the only living things that survive on water; bugs also need it.

If there are places in your house that tend to have a lot of liquid, make sure to be vigilant about keeping them dry or you might attract some unwanted housemates.

Places that hide leaks such as pipes under the sink or in and around the bathtub are areas that should be monitored and cleaned as frequently as possible.

Do not feed the bugs

As funny as it sounds you may be unknowingly feeding your insect friends by leaving open food containers or food crumbs lying around.

Make sure all food is stored in a clean, easy to see area, and with airtight containers.

Although they might want to share your food with you, you know that’s the last thing they have planned.

Call a professional

Bugs can be tricky and sneaky and even when you do all of the above and more, they still find a way into your house.

This is probably the time to turn to someone who knows how to deal with bugs and knows how to properly and efficiently take care of them.

All it takes is a search on your phone or computer, such as “pest control Idaho Falls” to find your local insect removal specialist.

Pests come in all shapes and sizes, but by following these guidelines you can make sure the ones with six or more legs stay far away from you and your home.

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