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From entertaining your friends to the ladies, here are a couple ways to leave them impressed.

Man-cave, man-den, stomping grounds or however you want to call it, you finally have your very own bonafide apartment. Sure it comes with a couple of roommates, but other than that it’s all your own.You won’t have a mom or dad telling you to pick up your room or to do your laundry and you can put whatever posters up on your wall that you want.

But you also don't know where to start on the whole making it actually feel like a nice and livable space. You know that when you have people over you want them to think it's nice, and have fun when they come over.

Here are five apartment necessities for guys that will turn your space from basic to awesome.

  • Extra dishes

This probably wasn't at the top of the list, but if you plan on entertaining anytime soon it probably should be.

While many apartments (especially in college) come with furniture, they do not typically come with dishes and cups.

Sure it's good to have one for yourself, but if you want to make dinner for more than one person and don't want to encroach on your roomie's stuff, buy a couple extra plates and bowls, and nice cups.

Your guests will be impressed. 

  • Extra and nice blankets

Movie nights are just not the same if you don’t have some blankets to cuddle under, so it is a good idea to snag a few.

Also, they are a good thing to throw over a couch for decorating, upping your decorating skills in a super easy way.

Plus you never know when a friend will need to crash on the couch for a night or two. 

  • Candles, plugins, or anything else that smells good

Let’s face it, too many men together can sometimes produce a pretty ripe smell, so to be on the safe side it’s best to have some things on hand to combat that.

For the bathroom, it's a good idea to have some air freshener and probably a candle and matches, after all, you are not the only who is going to be using it.

For the living areas, it might be a good idea to get a plugin or again some more candles to keep the public areas smelling extra good.

If your BYU-I men’s housing doesn’t allow candles, there are also flameless candle options or wax burners as well.

  • Cleaning supplies

Nothing is more impressive than a well-groomed man, and it’s also the same with a well-groomed apartment.

Many college housing units do cleaning checks, so it is a good idea to have cleaning supplies on hand.

  • Board Games

Although it may seem a little old-school, some good old-fashioned board games and card games can actually come in super handy in an apartment.

It’s a great way to pull people away from their phones and computers and interact, and also a great excuse to hold a game night every week and meet some fun new people.

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