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What are the Benefits of Natural Stone Veneer?

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Natural stone veneers have been gaining in popularity lately for a variety of reasons. Stone veneers don’t use whole stones, which gives them the appearance of whole stones minus the cost. They may be made from concrete with pigments to make them look like stone after they come out of molds, or they may be made from ground up stone mixed with concrete. What are some of the other benefits of natural stone veneer?


One of the big advantages of natural stone veneer is durability. This is why stone buildings have literally stood for centuries. Compare this to having to replace vinyl siding after a decade or wood cladding in only a few years.

Depending on the stone that you select, the stone may be used for external cladding, structural support or both. For example, you can use slate for a walkway, or external cladding, but it cannot be used to support a load like the roof of a building.


Natural stone veneers are environmentally friendly as well. You can level up the credentials by using local stone sources, and you’ll have the side benefit of blending into the natural landscape barring architectural hallmarks intended for the opposite effect. You can select from literally hundreds of sources. And when you use natural stone, there’s less man-made waste than with most manufacturing processes.

Once you put up the stone veneer, cleaning it is as simple as blasting it with water, or in some cases, sand. Yes, you can just wash it with a water hose in many cases. Keep acidic cleaners away from it, and many toxic cleaners aren’t necessary with natural stone.

Easy Application

Find a good mason, and the installation of the stone is a rather straightforward process. And you can put thin natural stone veneer over brickwork, so you don’t have to remove that brick layer to put a protective, attractive stone layer over it. This isn’t an option with drywall, though.

Thin natural stone veneers are similar to manufactured stone veneers in weight and ease of installation. They’re equally good for use indoors or out too.


Natural stone veneers are attractive. The fact that every project ends up looking unique is a bonus. Note that natural stone work should be sealed to help it retain its original look as long as possible. However, if you want a weathered look, this step may not be necessary. Fake manufactured stone has UV inhibitors mixed into it in order to retain its color as long as possible. Natural stone won’t fade visibly in someone’s lifetime.

Another benefit of natural stone veneers is size selection. You can find large natural pieces up to 18” in diameter, whereas it is hard to find manufactured ones as large as 14” across. However, this depends on the type of stone.

Natural stone veneer is an environmentally friendly material that lets you potentially blend a building into the environment. It is rather easy to install, though the potential size of each face and possible applications depend on the type of stone you choose.

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