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Do you struggle to sleep at night and you’re not quite sure why? Maybe it has to do with your sleeping arrangement. Your bedroom might be cultivating a stressful environment that prevents you from getting your best possible sleep.

Rooftop Rentals, an agency with homes for rent in Idaho Falls, helped us put together this list of things you can do to create a stress-free sleeping space.

Too Many Layers

As nice as lots of pillows and layered blankets look on your bed, they are not conducive to great sleep. Too many layers can trap unwanted heat and cause trouble sleeping. So, when you go to bed, clear off all non-essential bed layers.

Breathable Sheets

Bed sheets and pillowcases made from natural fiber. Egyptian cotton and bamboo bed sheets are both great options for cool, dry, and breathable sleep.

Clutter-Free Decor

Does your wall decor kind of take over? A lot of clutter on the walls or the floor is just stressful to our minds. Negative space is good. Each wall decoration should have a purpose, and each piece should bring positive thoughts.


Plants help clean the air, they remind us of nature and bring us back to our roots (pun intended). Aloe vera and peace lilies are both great for removing toxins from the air. And let’s not forget that plants provide us with much need oxygen.


Essential oils are becoming more popular and for good reason. All the different oils serve different purposes, some can relieve stress, improve sleep, or even reduce soreness in muscles. Try diffusing oils in your room for the purposes you need. Lavender is great for improving sleep and clary sage can help reduce anxiety and boost your mood.


Avoid harsh lighting in your room. Bright fluorescent lights are hard on our eyes and therefore don’t help in alleviating stress. In lamps and bedroom lights, use soft yellow lighting. Put blackout curtains over your windows to draw shut at night to help you sleep.


As far as mental stress goes, a dirty room is definitely not going to help. You shouldn’t be stressing out about going yet another day without cleaning your room by the time you crawl into bed.

Keep your room clean and organized to prevent that stress from distracting you. For easy organization, get a nice ottoman or covered organizer that you can place things into. Keep your closet tidy - or at least close the doors so you can’t see inside.

No Electronics

If you really want good and stress-free sleep, keep electronics out of the bedroom. Or at the very least, keep them hidden when you are sleeping. If you must have a phone or mobile device for your alarm, keep it on a nightstand more than an arm’s length away and face down.

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