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Reclaimed wood refers to any wood salvaged from any application and reused for another purpose. This has a time-honored history, such as the reuse of wood from ships to build buildings and furniture. This is why the last remnants of historic ships have been found in bars built by their former crew. Here are 4 great uses for reclaimed wood.


Reclaimed timber lets you afford woods that would cost a fortune if harvested today, or they may be utterly unavailable today because of environmental factors. For example, the American elm is almost extinct. Reclaimed wood lets you use this durable, attractive material without ethical concerns. A side benefit of reclaimed wood floors is that no one will notice your scuffs and scratches because the wood is already adapted from some other purpose.

An easy place to put any reclaimed wood is on the stairs as treads, since you could either cut up large pieces or use salvaged wood flooring in this new location.


Using reclaimed wood paneling to make wooden walls gives your home rich character and a depth you won’t get with modern manufactured materials. The odds are that there are already holes from nails or other materials in it, so new nail holes and dings won’t stand out as they would on brand new panels. A side benefit is that reclaimed wood allows you to affordably stay within the building code for a historic home or create that same look in a newer home.

Remember that you can use reclaimed wood on the sides of new kitchen islands to make your new add-ons look like part of the original kitchen. Or redecorate your bathroom with reclaimed wood pieces assembled to create a wall behind your new mirrors.


A popular use of reclaimed wood is shelving. It works particularly well because you don’t have to find much wood to make a distinctive mantelpiece or several shelves to mount on the wall compared to trying to find enough of the same type of wood to install on a wall or floor. One benefit of reclaimed wood in shelving is that you can find large, durable single pieces of wood for this application instead of gluing together several sheets and making it into a single piece.


Reclaimed wood has been used to make furniture for all of history, and probably before that. When the table breaks, you use the materials to make an end table. If the bedframe wears down, the remaining wood can become a table, a desk, or shelves. Reclaimed wood doors are being turned into desks and dining room tables, though wooden barn doors are also being repurposed as interior doors. Old doors are also a shoe-in for a bed headboard. Reclaimed wood from other projects can be integrated into cabinets and used to build dresser drawers. Salvaged wood is an easy choice for framing projects, whether framing pictures or framing your new vent hood.

Reclaimed wood can be a great choice for a variety of uses and can give any room character while letting you use materials that may be hard to find or afford today. It is also a great way to save on new wood when reclaimed wood can do the job.

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