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As human beings, we always seem to be accumulating more and more stuff. No matter what we do, there always seems to be some useless item in our home that we don’t know how it ever got there in the first place. Don’t let the mountain of growing things in your home be a common source of stress. Clear out unnecessary items and feel free in your home again. 

Guardian Homes, a home builder in Idaho Falls, helped us come up with this list of things you can go through right now to declutter your home.

  1. Socks with no matches
  2. Unwatched DVDs
  3. Dried out markers and pens
  4. Condiments leftover from your takeout adventures
  5. Food storage containers with no lid
  6. Clothing that doesn’t fit
  7. Chipped dishes - like plates, cups, bowls, and mugs
  8. Expired food
  9. Old magazines
  10. Old paint
  11. Power cords with no home
  12. Expired medications
  13. Expired makeup
  14. Old perfume
  15. Jewelry you don’t ever wear
  16. Old bras
  17. Worn out shoes
  18. Old wallets
  19. Worn belts
  20. Partially used notebooks
  21. Old electronics
  22. Unfinished craft or woodworking projects
  23. Old receipts
  24. Old papers/documents
  25. Old pots and pans
  26. Dull knives
  27. Old mail
  28. Expired cleaning products
  29. Unused tools
  30. Worn sheets, blankets, and pillows

There’s no reason to keep any of these items in your home, and they are only taking up precious space. If you are worried about the amount of stuff in your home, take an hour or so when you have a time to go through your home and clear it of the items on this list.

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