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Springtime is just around the corner, so it’s time to start making the spring cleaning list! And along with it, think of all the home improvements you’ve been wanting to make but have been putting off in previous years. Well, now is the time!

CC Builders, a home construction company in Jackson, WY, helped us put together this list of easy home improvements for your to make to your home this spring.

  1. Paint the front door.
  2. Bring in some plants.
  3. Add character to your home’s entrance.
  4. Install a new kitchen backsplash.
  5. Build a headboard.
  6. Add new lighting fixtures.
  7. Accessorize cabinets with new handles.
  8. Paint your cabinets.
  9. Change the bathroom walls (wallpaper or paint!)
  10. Get new faucets.
  11. Paint a room.
  12. Add crown molding.
  13. Get new curtains.
  14. Get new furniture.
  15. Re-decorate the living room.
  16. Build new shelving.
  17. Do a photo shoot for new wall decor.
  18. Plant shrubbery outside for a natural fence.
  19. Add towel hooks to the bathroom wall.
  20. Get new door knobs.
  21. Reupholster old furniture.
  22. Turn a closet into a home office.
  23. Stain the front or back porch (or both).
  24. Organize your workbench.
  25. Add mirrors into your home decorating.

These are just a few of the simple things that you can do to spice your home up a little this spring. Plan now for the home improvements that you want to make, and when it comes time to make them, you’ll be ready to follow through.

We all need some good change every once in a while. Make that change start with your home, and feel good about it!

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