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Winter is in full swing, and when you step outside there’s hardly a bug in sight. Thankfully, many of the common pests we so dread during summer and fall months go into hibernation during the winter. However, there are a few that discover the warmth of our homes in the winter.

Our friends at Yard Master Services, a provider of pest control in Idaho Falls, have put together these tips for protecting your home from pests this winter.

Cracks and Holes

Mice can fit through a hole the size of a dime, so look out for any cracks or holes that might be open from the exterior of your home. Seal these to prevent rodents from making their way inside your house this winter. Also, be sure to repair any damaged screens or windows.


Keep firewood stored a safe distance away from your home. It might seem convenient to have it right along the wall outside, but firewood turns into a nesting ground for mice and ants in the winter. And convenient for you means convenient for them. Twenty feet is a good distance for keeping your firewood away from your home, and it’s not that far of a walk for you either.

Trim Trees

Do you have larger trees around your home? If the branches brush up against the side of your house, it’s probably time to trim them down. Branches in close proximity to your walls or windows create a bridge for spiders living in the tree to gain access to your home. Trim those trees down to prevent these unwelcome guests.


Keep your storage space organized. Spaces like your garage and attic become especially prone to pests during the winter months. The attic has little to no traffic during this time of year and the garage is the opposite and has the doors open every time you drive your car, making them the perfect places for pests to hide.

If you keep these spaces well organized, there will be less clutter for pests to nest and hide in. It will also be beneficial in catching the pest problem right away instead of not realizing there was one all winter.


Some pests, like cockroaches, love moisture. Be sure to eliminate moisture sites like leaking pipes and clogged drains. And keep basements, attics, and crawl space dry and well ventilated to prevent infestations that you really don’t want.

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