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What You Should Look for In a Good Home Alarm System


The right security system for your home is more than just buying alarms. The trick is always in choosing the right system. There are many different types of alarm systems and numerous manufacturers and this makes selecting home alarm systems a daunting task. To make it easier for you, here is a list of several things you must consider to get the best home alarm systems.

DIY Self-Monitoring

There are numerous types of alarm systems. However, consider selecting systems that are self-monitoring. This means that you get to have full control over what happens in your home. For instance, you can connect the system to your alarm so that when your doorbell rings you are notified and can talk to the person. You will also get a text or an email whenever your alarm is triggered, so you have control over the situation. But what if you are held up in a meeting and miss an alert, what happens then? The system should include central monitoring where other people can look so that nothing is missed.


Of course, before everything else, you ought to think about how much money you have. The money you have will determine the type of system you can afford. Installing and monitoring the system yourself makes it cheaper and it is one of the way to cut your security costs. However, if you select a central monitoring system, there is a monthly subscription to be paid. While there are systems that require you to pay as little as $10, you can expect to pay as much as $50 depending on the company you select and the type of setup used.

Should It Operate During Power Outages?

You should think about how your security system is powered. There are times when you may be away from home, and a storm in your area knocks out your electricity. Will your security system still be on or will it be a great way for burglars to raid your home? The best systems should continue to operate even when there is a power outage in your home. Most use low voltage and can work perfectly using batteries. This ensures that they continue to run after their main power is out. If you’re buying a generator to power your home and alarm system in case of a power outage make sure to choose your generator wisely. Check out this link for some reviews of the best dual fuel generators: www.10powerup.com/best-dual-fuel-generator/.

Size Always Matters

Most companies will tell you that alarm systems are a one size fits all. However, this could not be further from the truth. The fact is that there are numerous different sizes which can be custom-fitted to your needs. They are meant to suit your security needs and your way of life. You need to consider the size of your home both inside and outside. If you have a small home, a small system will do the trick. However, such a system may not serve mansions and other large homes effectively.

Your Provider

Your provider is just as important as the type of system you choose. You have to know what additional services your provider offers. Consider how long they have been in business and how satisfied their customers are. Also, consider the distance between you and the monitoring location.

Before buying security systems, ensure you have done extensive research on the options you have. Ensure you get the right size and the features that are meaningful to you.

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