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Every square foot of a successful restaurant has to perform consistently at the highest level. Restaurant owners begin with a special vision for their restaurant—from the type of cuisine to every interior design element from ceiling fixtures and lighting to wall and floor treatments.

Of all the decisions that go into the creation of a great restaurant, the choice of flooring is one of the most important ones. From the kitchen, to the bar, to the dining area, restaurant floors take a real beating, especially in high-traffic areas.

If the flooring you specified is already showing too much wear and tear, it may be time to choose a high-performance hardwood flooring that is engineered to be 300% more durable than regular hardwood floors. Even though it may cost you more upfront, the longer life-cycle value will easily make it the smartest flooring investment you’ll ever make.

The helpful infographic below from Nydree Flooring illustrates the amazing, long-lasting benefits of acrylic-infused hardwood flooring for your new restaurant or as a replacement for your worn-out flooring.

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