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With all of the holiday decorations that are up, or going up if you’re a last-minute decorator, there’s a lot that little hands can get into. Maybe you have children, or maybe you have guests coming over who do, but either way, you’re going to want some good baby proofing tips for Christmas and New Year’s. Rindfleisch Family Practice, a family doctor that specializes in Coolsculpting, put together this list of ways to keep your little ones (and your food and décor) safe this holiday season.

The Christmas Tree

Oh, the Christmas tree! So many little things for little hands to grab and choke on, or make a mess with. If you’re concerned about small children getting into the Christmas tree, try some of these ways to keep it out of reach.

  • Create a blockade. Put a baby gate up around the Christmas tree, or make a wall will large wrapped boxes. You can put rocks or books in the boxes to way them down, and because they’re wrapped in lovely holiday paper, it will only add to your decoration.
  • Put it on a pedestal. Put your tree up where little ones can’t reach it – on a table or a large box.

The Kitchen

There is so much hustle and bustle around the kitchen during the holidays. It is easy for small children to go unnoticed and get into things they shouldn’t – or even get stepped on if they’re making their way into a high traffic part of the house like the kitchen.

Baby gates are going to be your best friend this holiday season. To keep tiny fingers from pulling food off the counters and to keep them from getting hurt or into trouble, put up a baby gate. It might add a little inconvenience for those who have to step over it (but that might be a good thing, because fewer adults will go into the kitchen to steal food too).

The Fireplace

Not everyone has a fireplace, but some of us do, and it’s nice to be able to relax by the firelight at the end of the night. But mantles can get hot, and you don’t want little ones to burn their fingers. So, put up a nice little fence just in front of the fireplace to deter wandering children from touching the hot glass over the fireplace.

Another way to keep them from wandering to the fireplace or other places they shouldn’t be is to distract them. Get the kids playing a game, coloring in a book, or watching a movie to keep them from getting into things they shouldn’t.

Keep these tips with you throughout all of your holiday gatherings, and you’ll be just fine.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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