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Your lawn should always be taken care of all throughout the year. However, during fall and winter, one has to take special care of the lawn to ensure that it is safe and can survive the cold weather. The cold seasons are not always good for your grass. But if you take care of it during the warmer period of the year, you can be assured that your grass will be good for the winter and fall. You can find out more information about caring for your lawn by visiting ziehlerlawncare.com.

Here are 5 tips that can help you to take care of your lawn and keep it safe through the winter:

  1. Aerating the lawn at least once a year

Ensure that your lawn gets a breather during the autumn and the winter seasons. There are aeration tools that you can use to achieve this. Break all the compacted turf, and pull up any plugs of soil as well as grass. When you do this, new grass will grow and this should make your lawn look fresh and healthy. If you have children who play on the lawn frequently, then it would be advisable to aerate the lawn at least twice per year.

  1. Seeding your lawn

During autumn, the soil temperatures will reach up to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is the right time for you to seed your lawn since the turf roots are known to grow extensively during the period. For you to get good results, you should not go for the cheap grass seeds as these will contain weed seed. A lush lawn can be achieved through the high quality but expensive grass seed.

  1. Fertilize your lawn before the initial frost

For you to provide your grass with the right nutrients, it is advisable that you should fertilize it before the occurrence of the first frost. The grass will easily absorb and store nutrients during this period. Fertilizing the grass before the frost ensures that it can survive the winter period and remain green and lush. To do this, you should pick a fertilizer that is high in phosphorus as this is good for root growth.

  1. Go on mowing

You should not stop mowing your lawn just because it is the winter period. Mowing even during the cold season will ensure that the grass does not overgrow and look shaggy. You should mow the grass till the growth stops. Do not let the grass reach 3 inches as this can lead to mat. If this happens, it would lead to diseases such as snow mold. However, the grass should not be shorter than 2 inches as this would impede its ability to store food.

  1. Frequent watering sustains growth

Consistent watering of the lawn helps sustain the growth of the grass. You see, the grass will continue to grow during the autumn. You should water it as much as possible until the ground starts to freeze. For those with automatic irrigation systems, they need to be careful not to use too much pressure with the compressed air. This can easily damage the grass.

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