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Even if your house is located in a posh residential area, getting a high-priced settlement can be a bit of a stretch. But with the right tweaks, you will get the highest bid possible for your home.

A well-maintained, clean home might get you the baseline price, but getting the desired bid may need you to give your house a complete makeover. Now you need to look at your property with the eyes of a seller and dig a little into your budget to make the cut.

It is easy to go overboard with home makeovers, even when you eventually are going to sell it.  House renovations are presumed expensive and that is what sucks most homeowners into a spiral of extravagant spending. This however, is not the case; there are a few home décor tips that you can use to make sure when you have to stop and when you have to invest.

Here are our top 3 tips that are sure to help you increase the market value of your house. These tips are from Offer Climb, one of the most reliable home buyers in Houston and Phoenix. They offer fast cash solutions and consultation to homeowners who want to sell their homes in Phoenix AZ and Houston TX area. 

Start with de-cluttering

After you have time to sit and design what budget you are going to be working with, the next step is to get rid of the clutter and junk in your house. Clutter can be extremely distracting to home renovators and even potential buyers. They need to see the actual structure of the house rather than extra cabinets. Try to start riding the garage of excessive clutter that is just taking up space a is of no use. This is a fantastic point to begin with as this not only creates space for renovators and decorators to work with, but also helps set you up for moving.

Professional cleaning

It is necessary that your house is in the best shape when being displayed to potential buyers. However, before having everything cleaned, it is important to first pack all your stuff save the heavy furniture. Secondly, having your house cleaned by a professional. This provides a clean slate for décor and also interests buyers more. If the whole house cannot be cleaned, try to get the kitchen and restrooms cleaned first. 

Remodel as needed

Realtors’ research has shown that extra bathrooms can actually increase the market value of the house by 24%. If you already have a number of bathrooms, try to install more storage units and improve the functionality of the house. Getting a fair idea of what the latest features are in the competitor's house can be very useful in adding features that your buyer is expecting. If your neighborhood has houses with small swimming pools, it might be wise to add one in your backyard as well. A small kitchen remodel can do wonders for the overall price of your house. Work with what is expected of a house like yours and you are sure to stay within limits while decorating.


A clean, well-maintained house can attract quite a few buyers. Determine what style of home you are trying to sell, example: Georgian, bungalow style, etc., and pay attention to details such as flooring, bathrooms and swimming pools. A few small changes can get you a better price for your home!

partnered post • cc-licensed photo by Craig Fildes