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3 Eco-Friendly Home Improvements for the New Year

As the new year is upon us, resolutions are taking over, and we think that’s a great thing! This year, some great resolutions for your home and the environment (and your bank account) would be to make some eco-friendly home improvements. Our friends at BiologiQ, a manufacturer of eco-friendly plastic with the use of their BioBlend, has put together this great list of home improvements you can make this year to help the environment. It starts with you!


New Year’s is a great time to make a list of all the home improvements you want to make, and switching out your less than efficient light bulbs for more efficient LED bulbs is a great place to start! LED bulbs take less energy to power and they last longer, thus saving you time and money. And they are a great way to do your part in lessening energy resources. You can find LED light bulbs at any home improvement store and most local retailers.

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This one is especially important in the winter. Your home can lose a lot of its heat through windows as cold air tries to make its way in. Blackout curtains are a great and inexpensive option for retaining your home’s heat. There’s a lot of energy and resources that go into heat production, so lessen those resources by keeping the heat in your home for longer. A solid blind option is another route to go with heat retention.

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Repurposed Furniture

Have you been wanting to replace your old furniture for a while now? Don’t just throw it out! Put it up for sale, or free, on the Facebook marketplace or on Craigslist. Or donate it to a local thrift shop. It’s likely there is someone else out there looking for furniture at a great deal. And on the other end of that, instead of purchasing furniture brand new, or straight from a manufacturer, look at repurposed furniture in your area – local furniture stores (overstock, etc.), or see if anyone else is getting rid of furniture on the digital marketplace. Prevent old furniture from taking up more space in our already overflowing landfills.

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These are just three things that you can do this year to turn your home into a more eco-friendly place. Do your research to see what other options you have for helping the environment and add it to your resolutions this new year!

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