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Efficient kitchen design ideas


There is no room in the house quite like the kitchen. As soon as you enter, you are immediately hit with either an abundance of aromas or the overwhelming thought of being able to start a brand new culinary adventure yourself. However, you cant enjoy the kitchen and all it has to offer without a proper kitchen design. You see, an efficient kitchen design is important because it allows the work process within the kitchen to have an appropriate flow. Kitchen design brings utility and functionality to your homes kitchen, and we have a couple of suggestions for you. Here are some great kitchen design ideas that have proven to be great for the many people that have tried them.

The work triangle

This is one of the most important kitchen designs out there, and theres a reason behind it.  When it comes to sheer functionality, the working triangle is among the top because it is very simple to implement and yet yields very impressive results. The concept of this layout is to imagine a triangle which has its three angles anchored in the middle of the cooktop, the fridge, and the sink. These are considered to be the three main focal points of a good kitchen layout, and as a result, you need to focus building your kitchen around them, as part of the work triangle layout.


An L-Shaped kitchen implies that you use two walls to create your kitchen layout. You use a wall, and then the connecting wall next to it to form more kitchen counter space. Here, you get to play around a bit with what goes where, but its still important that you respect the working triangle rule and position your three main items to maintain the triangle. Some people dont enjoy feeling cramped or surrounded, and the L-Shaped layout can help with that since it offers an entire wall area free of appliances. You can even use this space to provide more utility to your kitchen and make it a great place to hang out as well, not just for dinners and cooking.


While the L-Shaped kitchen uses two walls for its design, the U-Shaped wall uses three walls. You get a wall filled with kitchen goodies on each wall as you walk into the kitchen. The main thing to remember here is that this design allows you to have one of the three major items on each wall so that you can create a perfect triangle. In smaller spaces it can feel quite cozy, not to mention that you would have most of the things you need close to you. If you were to implement this design in a large area, you could even incorporate a small island.

Designing a kitchen can be hard work, but one of the best things about being able to choose between these different layouts is the fact that you can also implement more design variety when you get to working with kitchen worktops designs.

partnered post • cc-licensed image by Jeremy Levine