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Theft is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. It’s very traumatizing to return home only to realize that thugs broke into your house and got away with your valuables. They actually steal without any mercy. Whether you bought those valuables with your own money or they were gifts from friends and relatives, losing them to mere thugs that don’t understand how you are fond of them really hurts. This is because it takes a lot of toil to save money that’s enough to replace items that were stolen by thieves in your absence. But in this day and age, you can easily protect your home assets without breaking your back. Below are some tips that can help keep your valuables safe when you are away.

1. Get Insurance Cover

The best way of protecting your home assets is by covering them with an insurance policy. This strategy is highly recommended for expensive appliances, gadgets and devices such as electric cookers, fridges, TVs, jewelry and computers among many other things. When your valuables are covered by insurance, you will be compensated by your insurance company with brand new items or money that’s equivalent to the worth of those items.

But you should prepare a record of your valuables because the insurance company will want specific details of those things. The good thing is that finding insurance companies Dayton Ohio is pretty simple. However, the insurance company will expect you to provide receipts for some items so that they can confirm their true market value. If your valuables include jewelry, an expert might be consulted by the insurance company to help in determining its worth.

2. Install Surveillance Cameras

Installing surveillance cameras in your home can help keep thieves at bay by a great deal. As long as there are warning signs in your compound, thieves will not even attempt to gain forceful entry into your house. This is because they know that they will be traced by authorities and finally land in jail. In fact, there are some security cameras that are synchronized with alarms that get activated by motion detectors. The advantage of these surveillance cameras is that they can be monitored remotely. This means that you can still see who is approaching your house when you are on vacation or business trip.

3. Keep Doors Locked

You can tempt thieves to steal from you by not locking your doors. In fact, some thieves are fond of strolling around the neighborhood, targeting homes where the owners forgot to lock the doors. You should make a habit of double checking all the doors before you leave your home. And if you are sure you will be away for a few days, you should make a point of notifying your neighbors so that they can keep an eye on your home. You should exchange phone numbers with your neighbors so they can alert you when they notice strange walking around your home.

4. Dispose Gadget Boxes Wisely

When you buy expensive items, you should be very smart when disposing the boxes that were used to package them. If possible, you should burn such boxes instead of putting them in your trash bin. This is because criminals can know the things you have bought recently by just inspecting the contents of your trash bin.

5. Don’t Show Off

When you are on vacation, it’s obvious that you will take some nice photos of the places you have visited. However, sharing those pictures and videos on social networks is a huge mistake. This is because you never know who is stalking on you. Though you may not believe it, thieves are usually guided into your home by a person that knows you very well. This is because thieves don’t go to homes that they are not informed about. When you share your pictures on Facebook and Twitter, you are simply telling thieves that they can get anything they have ever wanted from your home because you are not around.

partnered post • cc-licensed image by Danny Oosterveer