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5 Tips for cleaning your windows


Your windows are one part of your home where you can readily see just how dirty its state is. It does not take much to dirty a window. From the dust and dirt floating around your home, to the handprints of your kids or kids of your guests, or even nose prints of your pets, they can all cause your windows to look soiled and not as pristine as you would like them to be. Not many people love the idea of cleaning their windows, with all the spraying of the cleaning solution, having to use a ladder to clean the hard to reach areas of your window. But it does not have to be that hard. Check out the 5 tips below on how you should clean your windows.

1. Have a regular cleaning schedule – even if window cleaning may be tiring or time-consuming for you, it’s important that you have a regular cleaning schedule. Note that it does not have to be every day. But putting it off will just leave your windows very dirty and when the sun gets too hot, the dirt might be harder to remove.

2. Clean the windows on a cloudy day – you might think that it’s better to clean the windows on a sunny day. While it is true that the bright sun will cause you to see all the dirt and smudges over your windows, making it easier for you to clean them, the downside is that the bright sun can cause the windows to dry very fast. That will cause streaks to be left on the glass, and your time spent cleaning will just be wasted.

3. Use the right cleaning materials – make sure to invest in the right cleaning materials if you want your windows to have that professional finish. Some of those materials will not cost you a lot of money. You only need a squeegee, sponge, bucket, some microfiber cloth, and a cleaning solution to get you started. Don’t forget to stock on a newspaper as they can help in drying your windows.

4. Experiment with making your own cleaning solution – while there are ready-made cleaning solutions available in hardware stores, you can actually make your own cleaning solution. This way, you know what exactly goes into the solution and there is less health risk, which is important if you have children in your home. Many homeowners swear by the vinegar solution, claiming that it’s very effective in cleaning their windows.  Just research on how you can eliminate the odor so that your windows will look clean and smell fresh too. 

5. Hire the services of professionals – if you are a busy person and you admit that you do not have the time nor the patience to regularly clean your windows, it’s better that you hire the services of professionals. These experts not only have the experience to clean windows, meaning they can do the job a lot faster than you, they also have access to equipment and tools to ensure that the job will be done efficiently. Check out for any window cleaning service your home might need.

partnered post • cc-licensed image by Erich Ferdinand