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During the cold winter months, there isn’t a lot that you can do for your yard, but there is plenty you can do before the harsh freezing temperatures hit it to ensure a luscious spring. Go through this checklist and prepare your yard before it’s too late.

  1. Clean it up. If you had kids running around outside all summer long, and even well into the fall, then it’s likely they left some remnants from their playing behind. Go through your yard and pick up any toys, trash, or lawn care tools that might have been left out. Leaving objects on your lawn when the snow hits could cause dead spots in the spring. Rake any leaves that have fallen to prevent mold growth.
  2. Mow it. Gradually cut your lawn shorter each time you mow moving into the late fall. Leaving your lawn too long can make it a nice home for rodents looking for a place to nest in the winter, which can destroy your lawn.
  3. Fertilize it. Fertilize your lawn before it really starts to freeze. Spreading fertilizer on your lawn after you mow it for the last time before winter will help it continue to feed on nutrients through the winter.
  4. Avert traffic. Try to prevent foot traffic from finding its way to your lawn. It can be hard for your lawn to recover from worn down trails. Keep your walkways clear and noticeable to prevent people from being tempted to walk on the lawn. If you need help keeping your driveways and walkways clear of snow, try professional snow removal services.

Don’t procrastinate your winter lawn preparation or you might not have the great lawn you’re hoping for in the spring. Do the work now and take the winter to relax knowing that your lawn will come out green and lush next spring.

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