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Cooling Your Home Without Bulky AC Units

Was your dream home designed without HVAC service or central air? Fear not! There are several easy, and budget-friendly alternative solutions to conventional AC. The key to comfort and design is finding the best heating and cooling unit for your particular space. You want one that isn't too small, or not powerful enough to do a proper job, but you also want to buy one that's not too powerful, that will run up your home's electric bill. Here are some cool ways to chill-out your home without installing bulky air conditioning units.


Window Air Conditioning Units 

Just like great wall AC units, they are available at any home improvement store, window cooling units are an attractive and inexpensive option for room-by-room cooling, and they install in a jiffy. You're going to need to know the square footage of the room you want to cool, and then find Energy Star's recommended number of BTUs or British thermal units, you're going to need from your new air conditioner for proper cooling efficiency. Window air conditioning units are stored away during the winter, to prolong the life of the system.

Mini-Split Ductless Systems

The ductless mini-split system is a widespread choice for cooling down your home on those scorching summer days and humid nights. Wall-mounted and remote controlled, a ductless mini-split system is a highly efficient cooling machine. You can install multiple units in your home and control each one independently. You will need an HVAC service and installation professional to install your ductless mini-split system. These units require an outdoor compressor, but there is no bulky ductwork involved. Create a DIY designer cover for your mini-split compressor that can help you disguise the unit for a beautiful yard and garden.

Silent Cooling Systems

Whole house cooling systems are quiet and work best when it's cooler outside than inside, like during the evening, and early morning. These fans keep your rooms cool without that loud and bothersome hum of traditional large, bulky cooling units. Fans draw in the cold outdoor air through windows, and across your home's living spaces, then up into the attic where the warm air gets vented out of the house. This highly efficient system can cool your home by as must as 30 degrees and uses 90% less energy than central air.

Ventilator Fans

If your home has that one hot room that you can never seem to cool down, consider installing a ventilator fan. Ventilator fans pump cold air from other parts of your home, like the basement, using a single fan that's fitted to the wall or floor. There are no added cooling costs, and ventilator fans work great with mini-split systems. A level-to-level ventilator fan can blow hot or cold air up or down, depending on the position of the blower unit, or from room-to-room.

No matter what your heating or cooling situation, there are many good-looking, efficient and cost-effective alternatives to central air and those big, unattractive air conditioning units on display in your backyard like these portable air conditioners. These are just a few ways cool your home without bulky air conditioning units.

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