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Life after a divorce can be very emotional and stressful. And when you have to sell a property, it can get pretty messy and can add more stress. Going through a divorce, especially if it is a difficult one, can leave you mentally and physically drained and you may not have the energy left to go through selling your house after a divorce. Selling a house after a divorce is not as, easy as putting it on the market and splitting the revenue. It can be a little complicated and you might need proper legal assistance along the way.

Here are five tips to selling your home post-divorce.

  1. Get legal advice.

If you are unsure on how things work on selling properties, it would be best to seek legal advice with the selling process. You may need a licensed real estate agent so they can help you with regards to details on the estimates of your assets and liabilities. Get a proper consultation with a legal expert so you will know what information and documents you need. Having a professional help you with this matter will also give you a tip on agreeing on a price on both parties. In the Pacific Northwest, you’d do well to contact Washington Legal Services LLC.

  1. Make an agreement prior to selling.

Writing down an agreement before selling and putting your home on the market would be a wise move. There has to be an agreement that both parties agreed to sell the house and agreed on a selling price. This is important because you never know what’s going to happen throughout the whole ordeal especially that post-divorce can be very emotionally exhausting. Having a written agreement will give you an assurance and a shield in case you have to face an unreasonable move from the other party.

  1. Rent a dumpster to get rid of the stuff.

If you have a lot of stuff and waste to get rid of prior to selling the house, it would be a smart move to rent a dumpster especially if you don’t have the proper tools and equipment on your own. The good thing about renting a dumpster is that you will be assured that there is a correct disposal of the waste that you need to get rid of. Also, getting rid of stuff can be a bone-tiring work. Having the right people do it for you will save you time and effort. You can rent a dumpster through eagledumpsterrental.com.

  1. Make a contingency plan.

Sometimes, not everything goes according to plan when selling a house. If in any case, something goes wrong throughout the selling process such as important repairs that need to be acknowledged, make a general agreement on who is responsible for it. This way, issues get resolved easily.

  1. Prepare your house for an open house inspection.

Having the highest possible price for your home is something you need to think about. In order to increase the value of your home, you may need to do some repairs and renovations, cleaning, and garden maintenance.  You need to have these things sorted out before putting it on the market.

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