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Having a small kitchen may be a challenge as it may limit you from fully stocking the kitchen. Storage and organization is a major factor in looking for a home. So if you’re buying one, consider the size of the major areas of the property, especially the kitchen! So Cal Home Buyers in Riverside County are particular with kitchen sizes as it’s a symbol of the health of the family. It’s where food is prepared after all. If you’re stuck with a small kitchen, no worries! Here are 5 tips to make a small kitchen look bigger.

1. Choose the right colors

Choose light colors for your kitchen. Anything well-lit instantly looks bigger. Allow natural light to seep through your windows. Installing ambient lighting helps improve the space. Choose colors that are in harmony with each other. Installing light colored cabinets and table tops are a neat addition. You can also use glass and shiny surfaces to create an illusion of a wider space. The color scheme of the kitchen should be minimal and neutral. Avoid dark and bold colors as this makes an illusion of a smaller space. All-white kitchens are very popular because it reflects light and looks seamless and elegant. Using the right color combinations for your kitchen can drastically improve the size of your kitchen, at least how it’s perceived!


2. Choose sleek appliances


Appliances that are sleek and shiny tricks the eye into making it look wider. Stainless steel, high gloss, and glass surfaces do well in reflecting light and helps the room appear bigger. You don’t have to get big appliances to get the same functionality of a big kitchen. Today, a lot of manufacturers create high-quality appliances that are perfect for small kitchens. Some homeowners maintain a theme for acquiring appliances. Some like it all-stainless, from the cooking range, refrigerator, microwave oven, and kettles. Some like it all-white. Maintaining a theme for your major kitchen appliances helps in keeping the space in harmony.

3. Minimize personal touches

Having a lot of things on the counter make your kitchen appear smaller. Limit personal touches in the kitchen because too much of it will look like clutter. The right amount helps your kitchen appear warm and wide. Keeping your counters organized will make it appear larger so always remember to tidy up your space.


4. Lighten up the space


Ambient and natural lighting do well in making any space look wide. If there are windows in your kitchen area, dress them up to maximize the amount of natural light coming in. Roll-up blinds in bamboo or light colored fabric helps in exposing the window better. Adding layers of lighting also improves the look and feel of the space. Pendant lights, under-cabinet spots, task lighting - consider adding any of these to open up your kitchen even more.


5. Create an open storage


Open shelving has been a trend in kitchens for years now and it’s showing no signs of getting old. Open shelves may not work for everyone but it’s effective in creating a fresh and modern vibe to your kitchen area. It’s a flexible and practical option for achieving a wider look for your space. The only thing you need to do is literally take off your cabinet doors!

partnered post • cc-licensed image by Jeremy Levine