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5 Reasons You Should Include Your Furnace in Your Seasonal Maintenance Plan


When the weather is cold outside, you want it to be warm inside. It might mystify you how people survived the winter prior to modern heating. Some didn’t, which is why this convenience is so important to you and your family. Avoid the same mistake many others make. Don’t ignore your furnace. Rather, include it in your fall maintenance plan for these five reasons.

1. Avoids Breakdowns

When people think of fall seasonal maintenance, they think of raking the leaves and cleaning the rain gutters. Many don’t take into account that their heaters need seasonal maintenance, too. Your furnace is no different from your automobile, and if you don’t maintain it properly, it will fail. Every fall, your furnace should be inspected by a heating and air conditioning professional who can detect any foreseeable issues prior to the cooler weather and repair them right then. This prevents you from having to call for an emergency service later on, which will be more expensive in most cases. 

2. Saves Money

Aside from avoiding the expense of an emergency furnace repair, when you have your unit serviced annually it keeps it operating at peak efficiency. Simply put, the more efficient your heater runs, the less energy it uses to maintain the warmth indoors, and you know what’s coming next. The less energy it uses to maintain the warmth indoors, the lower your heating bills. In addition, part of the maintenance that increases your heater’s efficiency is changing the air filters and cleaning the vents and air ducts. This keeps the air in your home fresh and helps prevent seasonal illness.

3. Increases Safety 

According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 430 people in the United States die from carbon monoxide poisoning each year. Anything that uses fuel, such as your gas furnace, emits carbon monoxide. You cannot tell when it fills your indoor air, as this colorless chemical compound does not have an odor. This is why carbon monoxide is called a “silent” killer and it is why you should include your furnace as part of your annual fall maintenance plan. A professional technician will make certain your unit is not leaking carbon monoxide into your home.

4. Adds Years to Your Furnace

As mentioned above, you maintain your automobile to keep it functional. Maintaining it also extends its life. This holds true for any piece of machinery, so, yes, it holds true for your furnace. If you purchased your existing heating system, you know how expensive it was. If it came with your home when you purchased it, you still have money invested in it. When you maintain your furnace regularly – prepare it properly for its winter job – you will extend its life. Technicians can isolate smaller problems and fix them before they affect the rest of the unit. 

5. Keeps Everybody Happy

Finally, if the inside of your home is cold when it’s cold outside, you’re in for a long night. Not only will your children whine incessantly about how uncomfortable they are, chances are, you’ll hear some complaining from your spouse, too. You value your family time, so keep everyone happy with a functional heating system all winter long. In addition, a consistent temperature indoors helps prevent you and your family from succumbing to seasonal colds and the flu, and this definitely keeps everyone happy, especially you. After all, they call you when they need another tissue. 

When autumn is just around the corner and you jot down your and your spouse’s To-Do list, make certain to include furnace maintenance on one of them. When your heater operates at peak efficiency all winter long, you save money on your energy bill and keep your family safe and healthy. This makes for an enjoyable holiday season everyone will remember for years to come.

partnered post • cc-licensed image by Brian Smith Photography