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4 Things to Look For When Upgrading A Thermostat

Your thermostat is one of the most important devices in your home. When it malfunctions, you get too hot or too cold. You also waste money on your energy bill because your HVAC unit will run too much. If you’ve had these issues, you need a new one. Here are four things to look for when upgrading a thermostat.


Learning Ability

Do you adjust your thermostat often? Many people turn their thermostats up or down when they’re ready for sleep or right before leaving for work. The thought process is you don’t need the same temperature when you’re sleeping or away from home. You can save money on your utility bill by running your HVAC unit less.

Unfortunately, many people forget to make these adjustments from time to time, which is a waste of money. Fortunately, you can buy a smart thermostat that will learn your habits. You can use the settings to turn on your HVAC unit at set times each day. Some devices will also identify times when you’re least likely to need ventilation. They’ll stop your HVAC unit from running at these times, saving you a lot of money on your utility bill. A device like a Google Nest will pay for itself within two years.

Easy Controls

Other features on your thermostat will help you save on your utility bill, too. You may want to turn off your device while you’re sitting down. When you’re comfortable, you don’t want to get up and do it, though. That’s when smart controls are great.

This feature allows you to change the temperature of your thermostat from a smart device like a cellphone or table. When the room is too warm or cold, you can adjust it from your couch. Similarly, when you’re away from home, you can turn off your unit to prevent it from wasting electricity.


The Amazon Echo is a device you should buy in tandem with your new thermostat, assuming you don’t already own one. Many thermostats have Alexa integration. When you connect your thermostat to your Echo, you gain control and functionality.

Using your Echo’s voice commands, you can adjust the temperature of your thermostat to the proper setting. By adding IFTTT recipes, you can also add situational thermostat updates. The combination of an Echo and a smart thermostat is a potent addition to your home. You’ll feel comfortable all the time, and you’ll lower the utility bill.

Motion Sensors

Some smart thermostats also have motion sensors. That’s a great function because it tells your thermostat when you’re home. The sensors will notify the device that it needs to turn on to make the home more comfortable. As you approach your home, the thermostat will know that you’re coming and restore the temperature to the right setting. You won’t waste money heating the home when you’re not there, but you’ll feel cozy when you walk through the front door.

Smart thermostats have improved dramatically in recent years. These four features are but a few of the great ones you should prioritize when you’re ready to buy.

partnered post • CC-licensed image by theglobalpanorama